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Posted by on April 6, 2020

Slot lady’s Bio

Casino Streamer- Sarah, popularly known as “Slotlady” is a bright and smiling blonde with gray eyes and is one of the popular Canadian YouTuber who posts new slot videos on her fast growing YouTube channel on a daily basis. She has more than 100 thousand YouTube subscribers, 4,000 Instagram followers and over 3,000 followers on her Facebook page.

Sarah started her YouTube channel back in 2017 and being one of the female casino streamers at the time she quickly found herself into the spotlight.

Not much is known about Slotlady as she doesn’t put her private open to the public. She however likes to visit the casino in Niagara Falls and flies to Las Vegas. She also on a regular publishes her prerecorded videos and from time to time conducts live broadcasts. She produces short videos of up to 15 minutes and at times long videos of up to 60 minutes. She always tries not to forget her fans even during the holidays and uploads her videos almost on a daily basis just as she promised when she created the channel.

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Sarah is never shy of talking about losses. For each slot machine she usually spend not less than $100 and plays until she breaks the jackpot or loses the entire allotted amount.

Sarah became so popular among the English-speaking audience that she started her own online store selling T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, sports bag and cell phone cases. All bearing her distinctive corporate logo in the form of a smiling lemon.

Is the “Slotlady” a professional YouTuber?

Despite being extremely popular and getting millions of views on her YouTube videos, she has also received criticism that comes with being popular. Some gamblers criticize her content claiming that she knows nothing about the games she plays while others defend her as they advocate for more streamer girls appear.

Besides the fact that most people say that she is a fake, she has a somewhat uninteresting voice. Critics don’t appreciate her lust for money and have time and again that despite her being from Canada she could just as well be an American, using her beauty and shamelessly advertises herself which makes her viewers irritated at times. She also advertises for memberships for her Patron page, sponsored tournaments, paid reviews and on top of that sells her own merchandise through the channel.

However, despite having a huge number of haters, Sarah has continued to release videos and has always strived to devote her free time to gambling


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