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With so many different types of flowers available, it can get difficult to select the best flowers and online flower delivery for the right occasion. A flower carries a specific meaning making it suitable for distinct occasions. Knowing how to pick a flower that conveys the right emotion is necessary. Hence, we are here to help you make your decision simple.

  1. Birthday: Birthdays are a day of celebration. By sending flowers on someone’s birthday makes their day special and memorable. Bright and colorful flowers like tulips, daffodils, marigolds, daisies, etc. are suitable for this occasion. If you are well familiar with the recipient’s choice, then make your choice accordingly and send flowers to India.


  1. Anniversary: Seasonal flowers are the best choice that can be gifted on anniversaries as it marks the time of the year that is being celebrated. However, always keep in mind that it should be something that symbolizes love, passion, and affection. Summer flowers should be bright like sunflowers, daisies, marigolds while spring flowers should be subtle and delicate like Lillies, tulips, etc. However, one should refrain from gifting yellow carnations as these symbolize disappointment.


  1. Get Well Soon Flowers: These flowers should be something cheery that can help bring in a smile on the other person’s face. However, keep in mind that the flower shouldn’t be too fragrant as it can disturb other patients. Tulips and Irises are good options as these can bring a smile on the patient’s face by adding a touch of color to their room and eyes as well! But if they are in their home, you can give them fragrant flowers (not too fragrant) like marigolds, daffodils, etc. Keep in mind that each of these flowers should symbolize something positive like gifting daylilies can be a bad option as they are used in funerals.


  1. Appreciation: These flowers are gifted to show gratitude towards someone who has inspired you in a special way or to appreciate someone’s hard work and effort. There are no specific flowers, but it should always be something that can bring a smile on the other person’s face. A classically mixed flower bouquet is a great option, or you can also gift an orchid plant. If you know the recipient’s choice well, choosing that should be the best option. However, if you are still confused, go for elegant carnations, as you can never go wrong with them!


  1. Sympathy: Flowers that one gift as a gesture of sympathy should be something that symbolizes hope. If it is to cheer someone, one should select bright and yellow flowers like lilies, daisies, etc. However, sympathy flowers are different from funeral flowers as funeral flowers are usually bigger and formal. White roses, yellow daylilies are suitable for a funeral. Flowers should be blue, green or white in funeral as these are the shades of peace and calmness.

One should consider many factors before they send flowers to India. Knowing the occasion can make one’s decision a lot simpler. Moreover, adding a personal touch to the flowers, by attaching a note or a card or even a gift with it, make the recipient feel special. A leading online florist, can help you in flower delivery and be deciding the flowers according to the occasion.

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