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Posted by on August 25, 2022

Pool shower

If you want to learn how to instal an outdoor shower, there are some basic steps you can follow to ensure success. First, determine where you want your outdoor shower to be located. Ideally, you should place your shower close to the pool’s perimeter, close to the entrance to your home. Otherwise, you may end up tracking dirt back to the house every time you use it. Also, consider the amount of privacy you want for your shower.

Decide on the layout of your outdoor shower. You can either place it in a corner of the yard or along the view of the mountains and valleys. For added convenience, place the shower where you can take advantage of a view or a panoramic view. Once you have decided on a location, make sure to include adequate drainage. After all, it is easier to make adjustments later if there are any problems.

Garden shower

Install an outdoor spigot

Install an outdoor spigot. Most people choose a permanent wall-mounted outdoor shower. In this case, the outdoor shower will be attached to a plumbing wall, close to an existing hose bib. This makes the hookup of hot and cold-water pipes easy. Alternatively, you can install a portable shower on a round stone or wood pallet. However, this type of shower requires more work than a permanent outdoor shower.

Choose a cement backer board

Make sure the back wall of your shower is solid and free of gaps. If you choose a cement backer board, you may need to remove siding or replace an exterior wall. It should be at least four feet wide and ten feet high. A cement backer board should be laid down between the blocks. If you wish to add more privacy, you can place a shower curtain rod in between the glass blocks. You may also want to add a tiled back wall for decorative purposes.

Pool shower

After you’ve completed the planning stage, you can purchase some simple items to install your shower. You’ll also need an adaptor and C-shaped hangers for attaching the pipe to a stationary position. You’ll also need a gate faucet and a ball valve to turn on the water. Connect the hose to the water source and attach the elbow joint with an adaptor to the piping facing outward.

Check with your local building code

When constructing your outdoor shower, consider your privacy concerns and building codes. Remember that an outdoor shower should meet local regulations and codes. Moreover, you’ll want to check with your local building code regarding safety and sanitation before you install it. You can also call in the help of a professional plumber to assist with tricky plumbing. It’s definitely worth the time and effort. This luxurious feature will make your life easier and more luxurious.

garden shower

Invest in shut-off valves

While it’s possible to install an outdoor shower in the summer, you must prepare for winter. If your outdoor shower will remain outdoors all winter, you should invest in a shower that’s frost-proof and rust-proof. If you decide to install a permanent outdoor shower, you should also invest in shut-off valves so you can drain the pipes during winter and keep them safe. In case of frozen pipes, you should invest in a heating cable.

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