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Posted by on January 7, 2020

Most men and women are fertile and they can have kids in a normal manner. However, some couples may have a minor or major abnormality that can be termed as infertility.

What are the top reasons for infertility in females?

This article discusses the top reasons for infertility in females. If you want to know the top reasons for infertility in females, this topic is for you.

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Top Reasons For Infertility In Females

Infertility means not being able to conceive with your sexual partner. It is defined as a condition that does not allow a couple to conceive despite having unprotected intercourse for 12 months.

Both men and women can be infertile. There can be a variety of reasons for infertility. Here are the top reasons for infertility problem:

  • Stress
  • Excess weight
  • A cyst or tumor
  • Drug or alcohol use
  • A hormone imbalance
  • Thyroid gland problems
  • Too short menstrual cycles
  • Eating disorders (bulimia or anorexia)
  • Intense exercise leading to a significant fat loss
  • A birth defect
  • DES syndrome
  • A previous infection
  • Polyps in the uterus
  • Chronic medical illness
  • Scar tissue or adhesions
  • Endometriosis or fibroids
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease
  • A previous ectopic (tubal) pregnancy


Treatment Options To Cure Infertility

Due to research and development in the field of fertility, it has become possible to cure infertility. There are a number of methods to make couples fertile and the treatment option depends on the root causes of infertility.

Here are some safe and effective methods to deal with infertility:

  • By improving ovulation
  • By treating hormones imbalance
  • By using supplements to enhance fertility
  • By taking antibiotics to remove an infection
  • By having minor surgery to remove scar tissues or blockage from the uterus, fallopian tubes, or pelvic area.


Last Word About Reasons Of Infertility In Females

This article discussed the top reasons for infertility in females. If you want to know the top reasons for infertility in females, this topic might have helped you.

In the end, we can conclude that the infertility problem can be treated in some cases. If you are not able to conceive despite trying for one year, you should consult an infertility treatment in dubai with our experts.


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