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Posted by on May 24, 2019

So, the proposal went down and you said, “Yes!” Now that the excitement has calmed down, you realize that you have just taken on two very daunting tasks: planning and paying for the wedding. There is the dress, venue, cake, caterer, flowers, and on and on the list goes. If you are one of the fortunate few, you started dreaming about and planning this day long ago. You, or your parents, might have even started saving for it a while back, but most of us did not.

If you fall into the “Not Prepared” group as I did, you might be in the middle of a nervous breakdown trying to figure out what to do. Well, first, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Picture your wedding and how great it will feel walking down the aisle. Once your limbs relax and there is a smile on your face, move on to the next section.

Wedding Finance Options

Unless someone gifts you with everything you need, there are really only two ways to pay for a wedding: with cash or with loans for wedding expenses, or a combination of the two. Wedding loans are pretty much just like vacation loans in that you can use them for any expense you need.

Before you decide how to pay for the wedding, you need to know what all needs to be paid for. There are tons of books available on this subject, or you can go The Knot for some help with it. Once you have a list, let’s dive into the work.

How to Save Money on Your Wedding

Whether you decide to pay cash for your wedding or with a personal loan, you can benefit from cutting expenses. The following are just a few ideas, but they should get your mind working on some more.

Make a Budget

You did not think that you could get away from making a budget, did you? Seriously, if you do not set a budget, you could end up spending more than you need. Decide how much you can and are willing to spend. Split that amount between the number of months you have until your wedding. The answer is the amount you have to save each month. Look at it honestly. Can you really save that much? If not, you can cut enough expenses to fit your budget, find a way to make the extra money, or get a loan for the remaining amount.

Mark It Out

You should have your checklist by now, so let me share a little secret- you do not need everything on that list. Wedding checklists are usually comprehensive lists that include almost everything that can be involved in a wedding, but they are not all necessary. So do yourself a favor, grab a marker, and mark out everything you do not want or need. If you are stuck on this, call a friend who is married and ask them to help you cut down the list.

The Dress

This is a big one, and most brides are not willing to sacrifice in this area. I get it, but if you are working in a tight budget, try new ways to find a dress you love. I have found some beautiful wedding dresses in consignment and thrift shops next to nothing. Get it dry cleaned and it will be like new. You could also make your dress for cheaper than you can buy one- then it will really be one of a kind.

Family and Friends

Do you have a cousin who loves to cook? Talk to her about doing the catering. Is your grandmother a seamstress? Ask her about making your gown and the bridesmaid’s dresses. Does your best friend know how to bake cakes really well? See if she is willing to bake your wedding cake. Chances are you know someone who is capable of handling different parts of your wedding.

They may still charge you, but it will likely be less than you have to pay professionals. Maybe you can offer to trade favors like you clean your grandmom’s house every week for three months or you babysit your cousin’s kids for a few date nights. Even if you do have to pay, having family and friends help is a great way to save money on your wedding.

Taking Out a Loan for a Wedding

Even after cutting expenses, you might still need a loan. If that’s the case, you should consider wedding and vacation loans for both wedding expenses and your honeymoon. Wedding and vacation loans are simply loans you get to take care of the expenses you cannot pay for at the moment. While there are short term loans available, personal installment loans are a better option. You have a longer time to pay personal installment loans and the interest is often cheaper.


If you are ready to make another commitment- to a loan, that is- there are reputable places that can help. Regardless of your financial situation, Loanry and Cashry can help you find a lender for wedding loans for bad credit, good credit, and everything in between. Visit their websites today to check out what they can do for you.



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