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Posted by on November 24, 2019

We get it, you’re busy. Everyone is. Because of our busy schedule, we don’t have time to be observe diligence in taking care of our kitchen plumbing system.

But the truth is, you may even carry a heavier burden and a lot more time can be wasted when a plumbing problem escalates because of your carelessness.

Today, in this post, we’re going to give you a preview of the worst practices that you might be doing everyday which will lead to a heightened plumbing issue in your household if not avoided right now. These activities have become normal practices for homeowners and members of the household

that’s why plumbing companies keep getting repair jobs every single day.

We are here to advise that you should stop committing these mistakes, and instead practice a little extra care in order to maintain the durability of your kitchen plumbing system.

Using low quality drain cover

We are guilty of picking the cheapest or the most size-suitable drain cover from the handyman shop to replace the ones we have at home. We usually don’t have the time, the knowledge and skills to select the best kind of drain cover to our kitchen sink. But if you keep using a low-quality drain cover that doesn’t serve its purpose, you can expect a clogged p-trap sooner or later. Opt for high-quality covers that are perfectly suitable to the size of your drain. Choose those with a deeper structure that do not get displaced even with a surge of water.

Draining oil in the sink

Lest you want to hire someone to help you with a problematic clogged sink, you need to be more responsible in disposing the oil that you use for cooking. Many of us have that practice of spilling used cooking oil down to the kitchen sink drain like all other liquids.

We all know that oil forms into a gel in time and this semi-solid grease will clog your sink or your drain pipes. A more responsible practice would be to reuse the cooking oil until it goes empty or to contain it in a bottle to be thrown together with your garbage. You can even find an oil recycling facility that implements ways to turn used cooking oil into something else that can be reused. The point is, don’t drain your oil in the sink.

Not emptying the plate before washing it

Another no-brainer kitchen plumbing protection tip is to wipe all the solid particles on your plate to your garbage bin instead of draining them to the sink. Wipe your plate before you wash it to make sure no grain, piece of meat, leafy vegetable, or any solid particle will enter your drainage.

Draining ground coffee

You might think that the tiny minuscule of ground coffee will not harm your sink and plumbing system. But if you do this everyday, those tiny bits of ground coffee will get stuck down the drainage pipes, waiting for more particles, ground coffee bits, and other solid materials to join them and clog your plumbing system. Our advice is to use a coffee filter or a very fine drain to catch the small coffee particles before reaching the sink.

Rinsing hair in the kitchen sink

Sometimes, when you color your hair or cut it, you don’t go to the bathroom to rinse your hair but straight to the kitchen sink which is nearer. This practice, albeit done just a few times, contribute to harming your kitchen plumbing system. You can apply these genius tips on how to unclog your drain when full of hair but preventing this scenario is a whole lot better!


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