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Posted by on May 15, 2021

Thermal oxidizers are the equipment used to oxidize the VOCs. These oxidizers are often used to destroy all chemical pollutants, air pollutants, and volatile organic compounds which are mostly emitted from industrial exhaust systems. Industrial exhaust mostly uses to emit hazardous gases that can cause serious harm to the environment of the surroundings. Different types of thermal oxidizers are used to destroy such emissions of pollutants from industrial sectors. Direct fire thermal oxidizer is one of the most prominent and high efficient thermal oxidizers used in the industrial sector to destroy emissions of VOCs or Air pollutants.

Direct Fire thermal oxidizer:

Direct fire thermal oxidizer consists of 7 parts. They’re working at a specific time can result in the elimination of air pollutants. Part of the direct fire thermal oxidizer is described below.

  • Process inlet
  • Dilution air fan
  • Combustion air fan
  • Burner
  • Flame arrestor
  • Thermocouple
  • Stacks

The process of destroying air pollution contents from hazardous air pollutants is carried out through these 7 parts. It starts from the process inlet from where the air pollutants enter in the chamber of direct fire thermal oxidizer. A dilution air fan uses to provide the oxygen that is needed to oxidize the Volatile organic compounds and further emissions. Oxygen is an essential component in oxidizing air pollutants. A Combustion Air fan is used to supply the air for the combustion process so that combustion can occur in the chamber which helps in oxidizing the Pollutants.

Burner installed on the start that used to provide heat so that combustion operation could be maintained. The maintained temperature in the combustion chamber could ease up the oxidization process. The flame arrestor is also installed in a Fire direct thermal oxidizer which could be the safety measure in any kind of flashbacks. It usually uses to stop the burner and cut off the supply. Combustion fans will also stop so that if the flashback occurs due to fires that it can be handled easily.

A thermocouple is also installed at mid of the DFTO. It uses to monitor the process and maintain the temperature of the chamber where the combustion of Pollutants is carried on. Stacks is the last component of direct fire thermal oxidizer which is installed in the last. It uses to throw the treated gases or air into the atmosphere so that atmosphere could be harmed by polluted gases. Stack is the pipe that is connected to the chamber where combustion takes place. A thermocouple is installed right between them to monitor the flow. Stack carries the Gases from the combustion chamber and uses to throw in the atmosphere outside. These oxidized gases are no more harmful to the atmosphere or environment.

The environment of the surroundings could be saved from these harmful gases. Direct fire thermal oxidizer cost low on buying but the process of combustion took place can give benefits because it provides a lot of heat can be utilized in many other facilities in the industry. It is the most user-friendly thermal oxidation process which provides minimum heat as well as Minimum noise or smoke. It also offers the minimum cost that could be affordable for the user.

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