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Posted by on April 1, 2018

  Barrys Scientific Based Products

   SS-65 Motherboard Design Series



Today is 04/01/2018, Happy Easter ! I am Republishing my SS-65 Motherboard Design Series all versions four of them. The links are below. These works have been all been approved in Canada Copyrighted. International law requires the author to be recognized as a part of the benefits of copyrights and registration. Please also note most of these copyrights have the service mark of Florida with the affix name Barrys Scientific Based Products attach to it. I hope you enjoy the work and get something out of it.


1). Barrys SS-65-1-B Motherboard Design



2). Barrys SS-65-1.2-B Revision Motherboard Design



3). Barrys SS-65 Ver 1.3 Motherboard Design



4). Barrys SS-65 Ver 1.4 Motherboard Design



These are all the SS-65 Model Design that have been copyrighted and published.




Barry L. Crouse


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