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Posted by on May 5, 2019

Some causes of low sexual performance can be resolved with adjustments in lifestyle.

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Reduce stress

If you have the feeling that at work or at home you are saturated, you probably will not find the right time for sex. The most likely thing is that, in addition, stress is adding pressure to your relationship. In fact, stress is the main psychological cause of impotence in many men, says sexologist in Noida.

Try to identify the reasons why you are stressed. Sometimes you will not be able to change or modify these reasons, but on many other occasions, simple changes in your lifestyle can make stressful experiences disappear.

The correct and healthy management of your time is the most important strategy when facing stress.

Monitor alcohol consumption

Even taken in moderate amounts, alcohol can block the nerve stimulation needed to have an erection, as well as negatively affect your sexual capacity, says the best sexologist in Noida. Drinking too much can even lead you to do things that you later regret, such as not using condoms.

Give up smoking

Nowadays, one of the best gifts we can give to our health is to stop smoking, and not only because it can save our lives. Smoking causes impotence and premature baldness, not to mention breath and body odor. In addition, sexologist doctor in Noida explains that the fact of not smoking increases the production of semen and the strength of it, as well as the volume of ejaculation.

Be in shape

Putting yourself in shape and maintaining yourself will have a very appreciable effect on your sexual capacity.

Basically, you will improve blood circulation and muscle function, avoiding early exhaustion. Also, the usual practice of physical exercise will reduce the risk of suffering a cardiac arrest. Therefore, it would be ideal to do physical exercise for at least 20 minutes three days a week.

Increase your self-esteem

It’s funny, but most of us think that the confidence and self-esteem of the people around us is better, bigger and stronger than ours, when the reality is very different. You have to convince yourself that most people care about the same things you do, which, however, will not stop you from taking steps forward and thus eliminate feelings of insecurity.

Value your person positively, as well as your achievements. There is no doubt that the more you “love” yourself for your qualities, normal and special, the more capable you will be to accept and generate good chemistry and respect among the people that are important to you.

Another consequence of having low self-esteem is the lack of security when expressing your opinion. Do you say “yes” to anyone when you know you should say “no”? If you answer yes to this question, then part of your problem in bed may be this lack of security.

To be able to perform well in all areas of life, you must be able to stand firm. You do not need to be aggressive, you just have to get used to saying what you really think.

Prevent halitosis

Do you need to talk with your partner about your bad breath? Can you do it without her putting herself at a distance? Bad breath and poor oral hygiene can ruin the possibilities of warm kisses, true “keys of love”.

Halitosis, or bad breath, is caused by a bacterial accumulation. Smoking, not brushing teeth, not flossing properly or abusing flavored foods are causes of bad breath. Basic to avoid it is brushing your teeth after each meal – and it can also help in certain cases, brush your tongue.

Beards and whiskers can be shelters for bacteria, so you should make sure to wash them with your usual soap or shampoo. Both the recent beard and the aftershave can irritate the skin of other people, so try to go freshly shaved and use an aftershave that is not excessively “abrasive”.

Safe sex

Unless you have a monogamous and lifelong relationship, use condoms whenever you practice sex. The risks of not doing so are obvious: infections of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, among others, AIDS, as well as the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy, says the best sexologist doctor in Noida. Make sure when you buy condoms that they carry a quality certificate.

On the other hand, phosphorescent condoms in the dark, those that carry music (no joke, they exist) or those that have very novel forms (what do you think of a tiger? -By the jump-), they have a high probability of not be very effective at preventing pregnancies or infections.

Solve problems of impotence

Impotence also affects young people punctually, and the refusal to resort to medical advice is very common. Erectile dysfunction may be the first recognizable symptom of an underlying disease, such as diabetes mellitus, heart failure or prostate cancer.

Do not be ashamed to talk with your sexologist in Noida about impotence. He is used to dealing with it more than you think. Impotence is curable in up to 95% of cases. There is a wide range of erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi available.

Talk, break the routine, enjoy and talk

Men usually stand out for not being very open when it comes to dealing with sensitive issues, but most bed problems can be solved with a couple talk. Some causes of poor performance can be solved with some adjustments in lifestyle. The simplest: break your sexual routine.

If, on the other hand, you feel pain when urinating or you have a discharge in the penis, you should go to the best sexologist in Noida, beyond the fear of embarrassing situations. It is very important that you are clear that sexually transmitted diseases, if left untreated, cause chronic diseases and sterility.


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