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Posted by on July 16, 2020


Delayed ejaculation is a dysfunction associated with a male orgasm, in which the ejaculatory reflex is inhibited due to physical or psychological problems. Find out what causes it and how it is treated.

What is delayed ejaculation

The delayed ejaculation is one of the dysfunctions associated with the orgasm male in which, to the contrary of what happens in premature ejaculation, ejaculatory reflex the male is inhibited by various problems, which can be physical or psychological, explains sexologist in Delhi.

The so-called male orgasmic disorders are characterized by the appearance of certain complications when reaching orgasm, either due to delay or lack thereof, although the erection and levels of arousal are adequate. In the case of delayed ejaculation, the man exerts excessive control over his ejaculatory reflex, unintentionally inhibiting its release and causing the orgasm to take too long to appear in the context of normal sexual intercourse, says sexologist in Noida.

The man in principle presents an adequate sexual response, achieves an erection, and his arousal is high enough, but he restrains himself in some way and finds it difficult to let go and reach orgasm, which causes long and frustrating intercourse that can end up decay.

It should be noted that complete inability to climax in any circumstance rarely occurs. However, delayed ejaculation is a problem that should be consulted with sexologist in Ghaziabad, since what a priori can start being a pleasant and exciting encounter, can lead to a disappointing and uncomfortable practice, not only for the affected male but also for his partner sexual, which can see their self-esteem undermined in the situation.

Types of delayed ejaculation

The incidence of delayed ejaculation can be classified according to the degrees of severity it can present:

  • High degree: at this level the man can only reach the climax alone through his own stimulation.
  • Medium degree: in this case the man will achieve orgasm in the presence of his sexual partner, but in circumstances other than intercourse.
  • Low grade: In its subtlest form, this dysfunction will only occasionally affect under the influence of certain situations, or a significantly longer period of sexual arousal will be required to achieve ejaculation during intercourse.

Causes of delayed ejaculation

When analyzing the aetiology or origin of any sexual disorder, we must differentiate between causes of an organic nature and causes of a psychological nature. The causes of delayed ejaculation are:

Organic causes of delayed ejaculation

Certain diseases, as well as the consumption of various substances, can somehow alter the ejaculatory reflex.

Neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, spinal injuries such as syringomyelia, hormonal problems such as hyperprolactinemia, some surgeries, diabetes mellitus, or any problem related to the seminal pathways, can influence the man to suffer an abnormal delay in ejaculation.

Also, the consumption of alcohol or drugs, or following treatment with certain medications such as antidepressants, antihypertensives, neuroleptics or opiates, can affect the male orgasm, explains sexologist in Gurgaon.

Psychological causes of delayed ejaculation

As in all sexual dysfunctions, anxiety is an element to highlight. Fear returns to the scene and the alarm goes off before negative thoughts such as the fact of not living up to or upset the sexual partner, or even the fear of ejaculation or the absence of it, exercising, in this case, the affected man hypervigilance on the sensations and perceptions that will make it impossible for you to free yourself from tension, warns sexologist in Faridabad.

In addition to these concerns, relationship problems, significant changes in the relationship, or the fruits of strict and inflexible education in sexual matters, can also lead to this disorder.

Diagnosis and treatment of delayed ejaculation

The diagnostic criteria that the best sexologist in Delhi will assess when determining the existence of a male orgasmic disorder such as delayed ejaculation will follow the following pattern:

  • First, it will verify this absence or delay of the orgasm evaluating the suitability, the degree and the durability of the sexual stimulation that the individual receives according to the age of the same.
  • It will also take into account the discomfort that this may have caused in the patient’s life and if it causes any type of inconvenience in their social relationships, paying special attention to the existence of other sexual disorders, or even to the presence of certain problems couples that could originate from this condition.
  • Finally, physiological problems and other clinical disorders other than dysfunction that require a different approach will be ruled out.

Delayed ejaculation treatment

Once the delayed ejaculation disorder is diagnosed, the sexologist in Delhi will be able to carry out an appropriate action plan in which, in addition to correctly explaining the normal functioning of sexuality and dismantling the erroneous ideas about it, is able to distract and relax the patient, so that it stops monitoring its orgasmic response.

The treatment of delayed ejaculation is based on two essential foundations that will shape certain activities to be carried out by the patient in the privacy of their home:

  • Progressive desensitization: this principle is made up of a series of gradual exercises that are personalized according to the reality of each individual, and whose purpose is to bring the patient closer, progressively, to the goal of ejaculating during intercourse without difficulty. For this, the degree of the disorder is analyzed and a sequence is designed that gradually provides the affected person with the security they need. An example of this may be to start reaching orgasm alone through masturbation and once achieved, carry out this practice in the presence of the couple. Subsequently, it will be tested to carry out the intercourse ejaculating after it by masturbation, until reaching climax through stimulation by your partner, and so on until reaching your goal, says sexologist in Delhi.
  • Distraction stimulation: this technique consists of the patient receiving genital stimulation from his sexual partner at the same time as he plunges into his own mind and lets himself be carried away by imagination and erotic fantasies. This will allow you to free yourself from the tensions and over-examination you are exerting on your own sexual behaviour and will lead you to let your pleasure flow without worry. For this, the use of accessories such as literature or erotic cinema can also help, suggests sexologist in Delhi.


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