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Posted by on April 16, 2022

When a man gets a consultation from a sexologist in Delhi after complaining of symptoms related to low testosterone, the doctor will likely order some tests to be done.

These tests will help the sex specialist in Delhi determine the man’s current levels of testosterone in his bloodstream, as well as rule out any other potential causes for the particular symptoms the man may be experiencing.

If the best sexologist in Delhi finds that the man’s testosterone levels are not in a range that can be considered normal, he will be offered the option of undergoing a treatment known as testosterone replacement therapy, often also called simply testosterone therapy.

Unfortunately, however, men often fail to recognize the fact that there are also several potential risks and consequences that can arise from the use of testosterone therapy. Through the use of testosterone therapy, the body is supplemented with a synthetic type of testosterone that is produced in a laboratory.

For this reason, it is important not to expect this type of testosterone to mimic the exact potency and effectiveness of the natural testosterone produced by the male body. It should also be noted that studies are still relatively unclear about how well testosterone therapy actually helps.

Many studies find that testosterone therapy is helpful for some of the symptoms a man may experience when suffering from low testosterone levels, but it most likely will not help improve all of the symptoms that he suffers from.

Testosterone Boosters and Male Testosterone Levels

Men who have become aware of the potential risks involved in the use of testosterone therapy are constantly looking for an alternative way to restore healthy levels of this essential hormone in their bodies, without putting themselves at risk that come with testosterone therapy.

Minerals and vitamins, as well as natural plant extracts, to help the body produce more testosterone.

Thousands of these testosterone boosting supplements have been released, and millions of men have turned to these products to help them potentially get stronger, build more muscle mass, improve in the bedroom, and improve other parts of their lives that have been affected due to low testosterone levels.

While there is little research to suggest that these natural compounds do cause testosterone levels in the male body to rise, the benefits they may offer, such as increased physical strength and improvements in muscle mass, could contribute to an effective strategy for counteracting the symptoms of low testosterone and potentially also help increase testosterone production indirectly.

Unfortunately, just like testosterone therapy, these natural testosterone boosters are not without risk. While they may not cause side effects similar to those that testosterone therapy is known to cause, there are some side effects and potential risks that men should be aware of before starting such a product.

The most common type of side effect that men tend to experience when they start using a natural testosterone supplement is usually a skin reaction. This often includes your skin becoming acne-prone as well as excessively oily.

The skin on the back of a man’s body is often primarily affected by these symptoms. Other potential side effects that may also be experienced when opting for a natural testosterone booster include:

·        Sleep problems, such as sleep apnea and insomnia.

·        Rapid muscle gain can become problematic when there is not enough time for the supporting tendons and ligaments to grow.

·        Long-term use of some supplements has caused kidney problems in some men.

·        Some men have also experienced short-tempered and aggressive behavior, as well as being quick to anger over irrelevant topics.

·        Mood swings are also not uncommon among men taking these supplements, especially those taking large doses over a long period of time.

·        PSA levels can be elevated, which can indicate prostate cancer, as well as inflammation of the prostate gland.

The key is to always consult sexologist in Delhi before taking any supplements. Take these supplements in moderation, not overdo it in the gym, and make sure they take care of themselves. Eat a healthy and balanced diet and the purchased supplement should be tested first. There are hundreds of websites on the Internet that offer accurate reviews of these types of supplements from previous users.


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