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Sex Supplement. Learn Everything In This Post!

May. 11, 2022 by

Routine, tiredness, stress, depression, hormonal disorder, etc. At any age, many factors can alter the sex life and harmony of a relationship. Whether it’s a decrease in libido or erectile dysfunction, know that there are solutions to help you regain

Factors involved in sexual dysfunction

Apr. 29, 2022 by

The diversity and richness that characterize sexuality make it one of the areas of the person where more variety is appreciated. Within the field of sexuality, one of the main problems that can appear is sexual dysfunction. They are understood

Premature ejaculation?… Less therapy and more pills

Apr. 27, 2022 by

Summer is a good time to improve the ‘annual average’ of sexual relations. You always have more time, less stress and there is usually more opportunity. There are millions of people in our country who suffer from problems in controlling their

Sexual changes in men after 40

Apr. 16, 2022 by

The sexual changes in men or the decrease in sexual potency, after this age, cause the man to gradually devalue himself because he is perceived as different and even less of a man. Men experience many physical and psychological changes

What are the conventional ways to treat low testosterone in men?

Apr. 16, 2022 by

When a man gets a consultation from a sexologist in Delhi after complaining of symptoms related to low testosterone, the doctor will likely order some tests to be done. These tests will help the sex specialist in Delhi determine the man’s current levels of

What is good sexual health and how do I achieve it?

Apr. 15, 2022 by

A healthier body. A satisfying sex life. Value yourself and feel good about yourself. Have peace of mind. Positive and satisfying relationships. Avoid sexually transmitted infections (STIs), also known as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Prevent unplanned pregnancies. These are just some of the important benefits of good

Erectile dysfunction can indicate severe trouble

Apr. 9, 2022 by

Did you know that erectile dysfunction can be the first symptom of an unrecognized cardiovascular disease? The explanation lies in the fact that erectile dysfunction (hereinafter referred to as ED) and vascular disease are a number of common risk factors (eg smoking, hypertension, diabetes,

Low sexual desire and the impact on relationships

Apr. 6, 2022 by

It is a problem that few talk about but many couples suffer from: low sexual desire. This can negatively affect the relationship in many ways. Sex is a fundamental part of relationships, which is why low sexual desire can be a

Tips For Coping With Erectile Dysfunction

Mar. 30, 2022 by

Did you know that in India there are more than 50% of men over the age of 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction? Of these, only 12% undergo some type of therapy or procedure to solve the problem. Given these data,



Mar. 25, 2022 by

Male anorgasmia is a disorder of diverse origin (psychological, hormonal, neurological or pharmacological) that causes the absence or decrease in intensity of the orgasms of those who suffer from it. It should be noted that the most severe form of