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Posted by on August 20, 2019

Being the performance-based marketing strategy in which businesses reward one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts, Affiliate marketing have nowadays, become one the greatest tool of attracting huge traffic to the websites. And to make affiliate marketing a great success, it is very important to understand various SEO tactics and strategies.

When talking about SEO on affiliate marketing, you must know that search engine optimization is extremely important for website. SEO-

  • Drive traffic directly to affiliate services or products
  • Get free traffic that is long lasting and stable
  • Drive traffic to your homepage

While understanding the importance of SEO in affiliate marketing, you must also be aware of the impact of various marketing platforms such as social media, video and emails on search engine optimization. In this article we will learn about this. Keep scrolling down to know the impact.

Impact Of Social Media On SEO-

Social media has seen vast explosion in the recent years. Millions of people each day are engaging with various social media sites to connect with their loved ones and friends.

  • Social media is the proven mode to amplify content distribution and covers larger audience
  • Apart from social likes, share and increased visibility leads to longer content life
  • When a user follows a link on social media, your website’s traffic directly increases
  • A strong social media presences directly improves brand recognition
  • And lastly, social media offers you an opportunity to understand which type of content is more engaging which one is not

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Impact of Videos On Search Engine Optimization-

Videos are yet another most effective SEO tactic that greatly results in huge traffic to your website. Given below are various ways to use videos to boost search engine optimization-

  • Treat the video title and description like on-page elements by including relevant keywords
  • Link back from your videos to the relevant pages

We all know that engaging videos can drive huge traffic to your website. But, being an SEO you must know how to measure the impact of videos on SEO, check out the points-

  • Keywords
  • View rate
  • Completion rate
  • Viewer rating
  • Viewers comment
  • Viewer purchase rate

So, these are few ways through which you can measure the impact of videos on search engine optimization.

Hopefully, by now it is clear in your mind that how videos and social media greatly impact your SEO tactics and how useful these strategies are for attracting millions of traffic to your website.


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