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Posted by on September 5, 2018

Korean style haircut, angel wings with spiral shawl curls, suitable for decorating angular faces, such as square face, national face.

The volume of air bangs is matched with the literary and delicate hair curls, and the brown medium and long curly hairs design the students’ fresh art.

Light red, orange and red short and medium hair styles are stylish and eye-catching, which will make your skin look whiter. Both the bangs and the hair ends are trimmed and shredded.


Even when it is hot, it won’t be too hot. In particular, the candy-colored hair clips are used to fix some of the bangs and the hair on the side. It is not only exquisite, but also very refreshing and cute.

The medium-short haircut with irregular air bangs is very personal, and the linen and white-brown lining is even more dazzling, and the light hair color is lighter and more refreshing than the dark hair color.

And it helps to whiten the skin, and the yellow and black skin girls are worth a try. For a girl who is afraid of heat, it may be better to fix the hair on the hair. The hair on both sides can also be behind the ear, so that you are not afraid of suffocating yourself.

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