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Earn Great Income, Have More Freedom, Receive More Respect for your Expertise
Earn $125-$300 Per Hour
Excited NurseNursing expertise is very valuable in the legal field. Earn $125-$200 per hour to consult, earn $300 per hour to testify in court (if you wish), and $20-$80 per hour to work a Legal Nurse job.
Have More Freedom
Nurse with her family
Work as much as you want, be your own boss, set your own schedule, and work from home. You can decide how many cases you want to handle at one time, and how much time you want to dedicate to your personal life.
Patient Advocacy
Nurse Helping
Since most Nurses enter this career because of their desire to help people, Legal Nurse Consulting is a perfect fit. Utilize your expertise to help provide better legal representation for those who suffer from  malpractice or injuries.

With the Right Tools and Training

Legal Nurse Success is Within Reach

Here’s What You Should Look For:


Choose a modern, comprehensive, and effective curriculum. Don’t find out the hard way that you did not receive the right training, and never your first case.

Success Rate

Success rate is the percentage of certified nurses who cases from a course. This is the biggest gauge for a courses quality. If an organization can’t give you any stats, that is a big warning sign.


Make sure you have support throughout the entire process, without extra fees. The best courses continue to offer support after you complete the training and are putting it to work.


Reviews reveal a lot. As you compare courses, look for reviews and success stories from each. If their reviews are bad or there are hard to find, that is another warning sign.


Marketing is one of the keys to Legal Nurse success.​ Ensure that your marketing tools and methods are targeted for the legal industry, not outdated. Effective marketing is what makes it easier to find the cases.


The transition Legal Nurse Consulting can be difficult for many nurses. While some courses certify thousands in large crowds and push them out the door, the best courses ensure that your personal needs are met .

Complete a comprehensive legal nurse consulting certification and find the motivation to put it to work. The exciting Legal Nurse lifestyle is within reach with the right training and support.