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What are the Top 5 Myths About Silicon Nerd Reviews?

What’s Silicon Nerd?

Silicon Nerd is an online selling web platform that sells gaming devices cognate as XBOX and PS and also gaming consoles and gaming PCs at retail prices. From Silicon Nerd reviews you may also buy details that aren’t officially available in your country. Most of the famous brand details aren’t available officially in other countries except the United States. So if you want to buy these details Silicon Nerd is the best place to buy.

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Specifications of SiliconNerd Website

Products Dealing Xbox, PS, and gaming laptops.
Domain Creation Date2017-09-28
Contact Number Not enlisted
Client Support Mail
Office Address 200 Water Street, New York, New York 10038
Payment Options Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Paypal.
Shipping Method FedEx.
Currency Used USD.
Order Cancellation Feature Available.
Refund Available.
Return Policy According to Silicon Nerd Reviews you may return your details due to any concern.

Let’s check out some Pros & Cons of Silicon Nerd Reviews.

Valid HTTPS connection.
Valid SSL certification.
Secure and easy payment methods.
Branded Products available.
Details are available at retail prices.
Free shipping on orders over$ 100.

No social media presence except on Twitter.
About US page is missing.
Real buyer reviews are missing.
The Alexa Rank is really low.
The Silicon Nerd Website has really fewest traffic.

Is Silicon Nerd Reliable or Scam?

Silicon Nerd website has been working in the online business market for the past 3 spans and at first glance, it looks like a really legitimate source to buy costly gaming items. But we’ve discovered some red flags about this website which are listed below.

Domain Age & Expiration: The domain of Silicon Nerd Reviews is 3 spans old and also it’s going to expire on 2021-09-28 which is a negative sign.
Trust Score: The average trust score of this website is 60 which is a positive sign but isn’t guaranteed.
About Us Page: The “About US” page is fully missing on the authorized website.
Contact Details: All necessary contact details are listed on the Silicon Nerd website but they’re fake.
Customer Reviews: In spite of working for 3 years in this field Silicon nerd lacks client reviews and critics are missing which is a negative sign.
Promotional Adverts: The company doesn’t promote items on social media and other platforms and that’s a reason this website has really littlest traffic.
Engraved Items: The website allows the customers to shop multiple brands items at one shop.
So, we’ve enlisted all the details about this website and now it’s your decision to trust this website or not for shopping.

Is is a legit place to buy a Microsoft Xbox Series, or is it a scam?

It’s most likely a scam. There are many console/ game online stores that are set up quickly/ copies from antecedent sites on new domains and trying to fraud people.

So if it doesn’t have a good reputation, I would stay out. Which is the case with this “siliconnerd” store. No matter how tempting the price of the Xbox, etc. is.

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Is XPluswear Legit Ripping Off People?

Xpluswear is an online shopping store, so before shopping with any new online shopping store we need to know about the website, few questions may arise in your mind like Is Xpluswear Scam? Is Xpluswear Legit? What is Xpluswear? Etc.

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For a fresher, the reviews of the previous customers and their comments are of extreme help. Those comments may be either indicating a sign of “beware” or a feeling of joy. Being aware of the details about a scam site can protect the country by being scammed and deterged.

Therefore this is the sole responsibility of each and every customer to raise the red flags if any. This would help potential customers not repeat the same mistakes. Reviews of the user customers are really valuable and can save others from being trapped on the same web.

Therefore we request our present and potential readers of this article to drop their comments in the below-provided section about their view on Also, share your views on whether is legit or not.

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