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Before buying from any online store, please check the ‘about us’ page as many online scammers do  explain their information on the beachcutie. A misleading ‘about us’ page is always used by fake websites. Do not forget to read the full ‘about us’ page ever, if the website is new and you are visiting there the first time.

Free dispatching:

If any online store claims to dispatch the product free worldwide or at a very low cost, it is near to impossible and the website is  trustworthy. Always keep away from such types of websites.

Hiding the info:

Whiling making deal with any website, if you find it doubtful, you can check their WHOIS info online. Usually, the scammers hide their information on WHOIS detail. If you cannot get their details, leave the website and keep your hard-earned money safe.

Contact details and customer support:

The websites provide any contact details (email, phone numbers, communication address). Many websites provide all the wrong contact details. Before making any payments, do not forget to make sure the emails and phone numbers are working otherwise you would be able to call or contact anyone afterward.

Attractive and massive discount:

People tend to fall on attractive discount offers and this is where the scammers take advantage. If any online store is giving enormous discount options, just opt it and pay for it. Please check the same product on a few other websites also and compare the prices. If the price range has too many differences, leave the website, it must be a fake store. Mostly  sites provide free coupon codes to the users like ‘buy one get more’ and ‘buy two and get two free’. Generally, these fake coupon codes are the same on every product available on the store.

Exchange and Return Policy:

The genuine websites always mention their exchange and return policy on their official pages. Beachcotie do properly mention their policies regarding the exchange and return. Most of the buyers get a broken or different product from such types of stores.

Social Advertisement:

Most of the sites use social media platforms to gain popularity and advertise their products. Now a day’s social media is playing a vital role in advertising and selling the product online. Few sites provide their social media icons on the webpage but those icons are not clickable and do not redirect to any social media platform.

Product Description:

Those who have the intention to people online, won’t make much of effort to add the real details for every product. Usually, scammers provide similar information about all the available products.

Product Reviews:

websites publish all the fake product reviews and a 5-star rating on the reviews section. On fake websites, you can find the same reviews and comment on multiple products.

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