Evisful Clothing Reviews: The Best Linen Dresses Store or Another Clothing Scam?


An internet based retailer sells garments and style things, for example, cloth tops jeans, suits, dresses coats, jumpsuits, embellishments and that’s just the beginning. However, there are numerous things you should know about this store preceding picking it as your favored shopping objective.

Organization ADDRESS:

The name of the parent organization and address is recorded inside the Contact Us, About Us and Terms and Conditions pages. Mexong Ltd: Crown House 27, Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX. The name of the parent organization and address are recorded in the configuration of a picture rather than straightforwardly on the site, which is typically made by trick locales to guarantee that no one will actually want to track down their site via looking for this organization’s name and address on Google. In addition, there are different organizations utilizing this location (Source: This shows that it’s a location in virtual structure utilized by an assortment of organizations to enroll a business in the UK Companies House by leasing a location from a virtual specialist co-op. This address is certifiably not an actual location for its business or store. Also, this address has been known to be used by different destinations, for example, Zlaatt, Nowonow, Diorcy, RebornDollWeb, AdorableDoll, Shartbe, RooaesTop, TiandauTop, Clogm, Predala, Neverha, MiapetShop, ImeranceTop, Maybeliv, Maybellihot, Penetres, EhoerTop, Waukei, Ruongg, Chokoura, MemoryMe, Quiret, Malhone and so on. Thus, we will not have the option to trust this business for any web based shopping.

At the hour of this audit it is giving its parent organization’s name as well as area Mexong Ltd: Crown House 27, Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX. Anyway later on, it could change its parent organization’s name and address, as comparative sorts of sites have changed their names and addresses for their parent organizations before.

Duplicate OF CONTENT:

We have found that the pictures that are utilized in its inventory aren’t unique, which it’s conceivable that the site has replicated pictures from different locales or essentially selling clothing or different things. There are a ton of subtleties on its webpage, including its subject for its site coordinates with an assortment of dangerous sites.


It accompanies the Return and Exchange Policy which is found to be incredibly unreasonable in the trading of items. It is expressed that the purchaser is responsible for the expense of bring delivering back. In this manner, it’s remarkably difficult to get the total discount from these sorts of destinations because of their befuddling terms.


The help for clients and the conveyance season of comparative destinations are additionally very poor , according to the protests from clients of comparative sites.


Each of current realities above can be utilized to confirm that Evisful is among the sites that are viewed as dubious.

Assuming that you might want to offer your viewpoint on something about the organization, if it’s not too much trouble, make certain to leave a remarks underneath. If it’s not too much trouble, send this audit to your loved ones through your virtual entertainment profiles to tell them about the internet based store.

Today, an assortment of new web-based stores guarantee that they are selling different items at tremendous limits, yet most of them are fakes. Hence, it is prescribed to keep away from new internet based stores, or at any rate lead some examination before buying things from these new web-based stores as most of these web-based stores can’t convey the items bought to their clients or even convey totally sub-par or inconsistent items. Certain trick sites have charged Visas of clients without consent. Assuming you’ve recently bought from false sites, we suggest that you promptly tell your Visa or bank organization to safeguard your Mastercard subtleties.

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