Is Gosplitty Legit: Too Good to be True?

Gosplitty, is it real? (Be careful while booking.)

Are you interested in making a room booking through Gosplitty due to the cheaper rates it offers but not sure whether it is a legit platform? If so, then keep reading! By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly if Gosplitty is a legitimate booking service or a scam and what you should be aware of before booking through them.

Can you trust Gosplitty?

Gosplitty is definitely a legit online travel agency, as it is owned by Holisto, one of the best emerging tech-based online travel agencies. Booking via them, however, has a greater chance of problems than doing it directly with the hotels. While problems can happen when you book directly with the hotel, the likelihood is substantially smaller than when you book with Gosplitty.

Now, here’s why:

If you didn’t know, Gosplitty essentially serves as a go-between for you and the hotel you made the reservation with. As your contract is not with the hotel directly but rather with Gosplitty, when you book via Mytrip, they receive your payment and are in charge of your booking, not the hotel you booked with.

Consequently, if something goes wrong, the hotel isn’t responsible for directly assisting you.

In the event that something goes wrong and you want assistance, you must first contact Gosplitty. Gosplitty will then contact the hotel on your behalf and reply to you. You’re most likely going to be bogged down in a lot of back and forth between GoSplitty and the hotel you’ve booked with because a third party (GoSplitty) is involved. And as a result, your troubles become a little more difficult to settle overall, taking longer to do so. In the same manner, when you book your accommodation via Gosplitty, modifications, especially cancellations, and receiving a refund are more difficult because there is a middleman involved. So, the dangers of reserving a hotel with Gosplitty are explained and are high as compared to booking directly with the hotel. Now if we talk about the drawbacks and risks associated with booking through Gosplitty, here are the major ones:

How can we offer you hotel stays at such low prices?

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