Mystic Flower Lipstick Reviews:Is it Useful or not?

lipstick that alters its colour based on the pH of your lips. The Mystic Heart Lipsticks ($18; thebeautyspy), which have gorgeous lipstick bullets in the shape of hearts, prove that we aren’t the only ones who feel this way. When they first went on sale, the goods sold out in a single day, but now it’s finally back in stock. Not only is the packaging irresistible for Valentine’s Day, but the recipe, which contains beeswax, ensures a smooth application and a cosy, nourishing feel.Each of the five lipsticks—four colours and one shimmer balm—has a two-toned bullet with shades in the outer and core that combine to create lovely, Cupid-approved colours. They are each described as “very creamy and extremely pigmented.” Other distinctive lipsticks from the brand have gained notoriety in the past. The original Mystic Lipstick ($19; thebeautyspy) has lifelike flowers visible inside the clear solution, while their Mystic Jelly Lipstick ($10–19; thebeautyspy) has bullets laced with gold flakes.
The formula of Mystic Lipsticks is moisturising. When applied, the formula alters the pH level of your lips to produce a distinctive pinkish tint. contains a dried flower within, as well as decorative golden flakes. At HSN, we value both our consumers’ opinions and business. You may express yourself by posting a customer review. Your voice will not only be heard, but it can. It had a mousse-like consistency with a little extra slide, which I noticed caused colour to collect in my deeper lip lines even though it wasn’t visible at a typical viewing distance. The lipstick was neither drying nor moisturising and lasted for more than six and a half hours.

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