Woodchucking Scam: Is It Works or Cheap Scam?

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Authorities in Montgomery, United States, have issued a warning on wood-chucking con artists. How are people duped by woodchuckers? What is the most that wood-chucking employees might steal from the pockets of innocent people? What happened that caused the government to issue an alert? Did you know that an awareness-raising workshop is being prepared to aid in the feature’s attempt to avoid incidents of this nature? Find out more about the woodchucking hoax.

The wood-chucking scam:

An elderly couple was contacted by a stranger in Silver Spring, Maryland. These elderly couples were in their 80s. Their location and identities are withheld at the couples’ request. The man even painted wood, giving the impression that he was a professional carpenter and repairer. The individual was belligerent and gave his name as Joseph Swanson. On their property, the couple required some woodwork. The guy examined their home and made a list of all the things that needed repairs. Joseph devised the woodchucking fraud and made the repairs a priority.

He enumerated the tree branches that needed to be pruned. Yet, the parents had a strong emotional bond with the tree that their child had a house in and had left many traces of their childhood play on it. At the time, the couple was unaware that they were being conned. Joseph’s list of fixes was taken seriously. Joseph wished to increase the total of the invoice. Joseph was astute in including things that didn’t require any maintenance.

What advantage did the con artist use?

The pair wrote checks from a checking account. Joseph used advances to purchase the supplies he would need for The Woodchucking Scam’s repairs. Travis Jenkins and Nicholas Shonabin were employed by Joseph. Also, Travis and Nicholas accepted cash in advance for the items they would need to do the repairs. The process was laborious and ultimately unsuccessful. Joseph provided the pair with several justifications, claiming that their spouse was ill. The pair was highly recognised for giving back to their community. The wood-chucking staff profited from the patients’ ignorance by receiving repeated payments for medical expenses. Joseph took his family over to the couple’s home to finish up little jobs like painting a table.

Woodchucking Scam

A complaint of suspicious behaviour at the couple’s home was made anonymously to Montgomery County Police in 2020, during the COVID epidemic. Cindy Miranda, a detective, examined the case. She carried out an investigation at the couple’s home. The audit’s goal was to figure out how much cash the couple had transferred from their checking account to the workers who threw wood.

Surprisingly, the amount exceeded $200,000. This is a substantial sum of money for subpar decor. When Joseph was involved, the Montgomery County Police intervened. While Travis Jenkins and Nicholas Shonabin are still wanted by the authorities, Joseph was given a six-and-a half year jail sentence for his involvement in the Woodchucking scheme.

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