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Posted by on November 21, 2018

The internet has changed the way we perform our daily works. However, it also provides problems for those who are using it for the first time. This does not imply that these problems cannot be resolved. We can use search engines to help us out of our predicaments. Take for example the problems associated with sending photographs in the good old days. During those days we used to send them via traditional mail, also referred to as snail-mail, and it used to take quite some time to reach its destination. However, the internet and high-speed broadband connections has changed all that. We are now able to send or receive digitized versions of those photographs via the internet as an email attachment in just a few seconds.

However, image files are huge in size and users generally compress those using programs like Winrar prior to attaching them on emails. If you are new to the internet, and have requested your friend to send over the photographs of her latest trip, chances are that she too might have done the same. This is why you are unable to open those files. If your computer does not have any program capable of inflating compressed files then you will not be able to open it. If you check the attached file, you will notice it has a .RAR extension. You must be wondering how to Unrar files. Several programs can do this task for you and they are available on the internet.

Most of them are available as shareware, which means that you can download and try them out for a few days. Follow the online hints while installing the program and be sure that you include the.rar format in the list of extensions that the program can process. After installing the program, just double click on the file that your friend sent to you, and its contents will be extracted to a folder.

You should permit the program to extract the files to the default path decided by it. You can change his path if you are sure of what you are doing. You can use this program to compress the images of your son’s birthday party if you want to send it as an email attachment to your friend. Here is a simple trick you might love to try. Right click on the compressed. You will witness a popup containing simple instructions of how to Unrar files. The methods outlined above are the simplest ones and anybody can master them within a few days.


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