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Posted by on December 11, 2020

With the latest release of Texas author Brandon Sanderon’s work, Rythem of War on 17th Nov 2020, which is the 4th addition to his popular Stormlight Archive series, there is growing anticipation for the possibility of a new book in his series Mistborn. This news has been circulating in local Texas news for a while now and people are really excited about it. 

The Mistborn series 

The Mistborn series takes place in a world called Scadrial in a region known as The Final Empire. Where the sky is red, vegetation is brown and ash falls from the heavens. The society is headed by The Lord Ruler who is essentially a powerful deified figure ruling over the nobility and the common class. The nobility gets their power through wealth and the ability to use magic known as Allomancy which was granted to them by the Lord Ruler who is a mysterious and powerful entity throughout the series.

The story follows Vin a street urchin who somehow has latent Allomantic abilities and is discovered by the charismatic Kelsier, who is the leader of a group of thieves and con artists that plan to take on the powerful groups that control the city of Luthadel.

The Mistborn trilogy takes the reader through the extensively diverse world of Scadrial filled with assassins that haunt mists in the night, with magic abilities that let them unleash abilities by consuming metals. Sanderson creates magic systems that are heavily tied to the economy and culture in the world which makes reading the Mistborn series a truly immersive experience. The characters are varied and diverse from backgrounds of high society down to thieves hiding in dens. The reader is taken on a journey exploring the wide landscape from cities to caves in mountains, all the while following our characters as they learn secrets and powers that were yet unknown to anyone else.

The Magic of Mistborn

Sanderson creates a very technical system of magic use in all his books, in the Mistborn series it was the use of metals to produce various results.


 This is the ability of the user to consume or “Burn” metals (16 in total) to produce magic in their bodies leading them to perform enhancements which were used to perform superhuman moves in fights and movements as the characters moved around the cities.

Mistborn and Mistings

Allomancy is used by people who are born as “Mistings” and “Mistborn”. A Misting is a person born with the ability to burn a single metal element and due to this focus was able to master the use of the ability produced. Mistborns though, are people born with the ability to use all 16 types of metal and utilize all the powers at will, these are very powerful and very rare.

The limits of Allomancy

The power of allowance is limited to very few people who are born as Mistings or Mistborns, for reasons expanded through the series, only those of the upper classes – legitimate or otherwise. This added limit to the ability keeps it from becoming overused and even acted as a literary device which creates tension in the novel’s stories as the upper-class hide and protect the identities of allowances to best protect themselves and carry out covert assassinations.



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