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Posted by on May 11, 2023

Desentupidora esgoto Curitiba

Cleaning clogged drains is not fun. In addition to being physically taxing, it is a quick and simple way to spend your money. There is no doubt that achieving a clean and safe drainage system is a difficult task, given all of the costs associated with hiring plumbers and purchasing special tools from various markets. In light of these factors, keep in mind that there are simple things you can do to your drain before calling your local plumber.

To complete this task successfully, you will need the following items:

Wet cloth, drain opener, auger, some petroleum jelly, clean bucket, and a wire coat hanger Cover the launch of the bowl or tub with a clammy material. Keep in mind that you need to complete this first in order for the plunger to function properly. The problem with clogged drains is that the type of drainage system in the house is what causes the blockage, but a plunger is still a useful tool that can be used on any drain.

2. Fill the basin with water until the plunger’s entire head is submerged. You will then cover the plunger’s lip with a small amount of petroleum jelly to create an efficient and simple-to-manage sealing system. You can now put the unclogger into the bowl’s opening. Then, quickly pull the plunger up and down, paying attention to the drain’s suction. If you remove the plunger by accident, you may need to start over. Be careful. Most likely, a dozen or more pullings in a row would work. Whenever you’ve arrived at that point, immediately pull the unclogger upwards until it eliminates it pull. Allow the water to escape by doing this in a jerking motion. However, if nothing occurs, return the plunger to the drain and attempt it once more.

3. Plungers may not work on clogged drains if they are stubborn enough. If this is the case, you might want to use a chemical drain opener instead. These openers contain chemical agents that work inside your draining fixtures. By removing the stopper from the drain and inserting the wire into the tiny opening, you can also use an auger. By craning the device’s handle, the auger would be able to feel whatever is obstructing the drain and either push it inside or pull it upwards. Keep turning and curving the handle as you eliminate the channel and-tap drill from the opening.

4. As a last resort, then, at that point, maybe a wire coat holder would get the job done. The hanger must first be disassembled into a single, long metal wire. The next step, inserting, is all that remains after that.

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