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Attraction Marketing

Some people have been using the same business model for a while now and aren’t even aware of the fact that it is called “attraction marketing”. They think they are still working with just “get-sales-people”, and they certainly don’t understand that it is the lack of an understanding of the concept that has been holding them back.

You see, attraction marketing is really a means of forcing your subconscious mind to make the correct choice (both in terms of strategy and sales goals) that is more profitable than the ones that have been giving you consistent disappointments. It’s the same principle as pushing the boulder up the hill, when you come across it at the top, it pushes the rest of the boulders down so you can take your choice of what to do with it, which is to push it down or walk it over and let it roll all the way to the bottom.

Once this choice is made, you then find that your subconscious mind will make the right choice about every next problem that comes along, and at a much faster rate than it did before you ever made that decision. This is how your subconscious mind works.

Attraction marketing is simply making it easy for your subconscious mind to do this. And the secret to getting your subconscious mind to make the right choice about everything is through repetition. You need to be repeating your message for it to stick in your mind and become ingrained.

When we start out, we are constantly told by other people, or even we ourselves to “look after yourself”. We are always told to make sure our family are taken care of, or our friends, or ourselves. But then we get old, we grow old, and then it becomes too much to handle, and we decide to take care of others first.

And then we realize that is not how it is supposed to be, and we try to correct our behavior in another area, and even that gets us into trouble because we start to forget who we are supposed to be looking after, and what we are suppose to be doing for others. But it never reaches the point where we totally forget the point of what we were trying to do all along. We are constantly having the temptation to make different choices because we need to make sure that we remember how to do it.

The end result is that we are underprepared for the responsibilities we have grown up with. We are unable to go about doing things in the right way because we have forgotten who we are supposed to be looking after. We are afraid to do it because we are unsure of how it will turn out, and we are afraid to try because we are afraid to make the wrong choice.

This is exactly what happens when we choose to make the wrong choice. So what we want to do is to show our subconscious mind that the best choice is to follow the correct choice, and not to try and sabotage it by forcing it to make the wrong choice in the first place.

If we can do this we are making the subconscious mind to work for us by letting it know that it will not be punished if it chooses the right path instead of the wrong one. And that’s exactly what attraction marketing is.

When we show our subconscious mind that it won’t be punished if it chooses the right way, and that it will be rewarded if it chooses the right way, and we then keep doing this for years, it will continue to make the right choice because it has been programmed into it, and we will get positive results. If we start doing this for a short period of time we can keep it working for us.

We can start making the wrong choice for a short period of time, and this will get us a short term positive result. But if we continue to do this for a long period of time we will eventually find that there is no longer any positive results left, and then we will learn that the fear of failure is what has been keeping us from getting the results we want.

When this fear is removed, we will be ready to go out and achieve long-term positive results. and then we will truly understand what is happening and why it is happening.