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Posted by on May 14, 2018

So Microsoft wants to deal with the ever-growing Gmail
Seattle – Microsoft is trying at least to slow down its competitive fast-growing Gmail, changing its free Hotmail email service. This will be more closely related to the Facebook social network and will be renamed to Outlook. So it will have the same name as Microsoft’s email client.

Hotmail is still the largest online email service and, according to comScore, it used it for June to 324 million people. This represents approximately 36% market share.

In the last few months, however, the user has been taking over the competing Google Gmail. He currently has a 31% market share. The situation with another big Yahoo Mail does not change, still holding 32 percent.

Social networks and better organizations
In order for the software giant to re-start its growth, it intends to rename its online mail to Outlook and thus unify it with the name of the application that many people use in the corporate environment. Hotmail users will have to switch to it within the next few months.


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