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Posted by on May 17, 2018

Microsoft has confirmed a failure worldwide in its email system after complaints from several hundred users on social networks.

“We have identified that a subset of infrastructures could not process the requests as expected, which caused the general availability of the service to fall unexpectedly,” the company explained.

“We have redirected the requests to the alternative infrastructure to restore the service and we monitor the environment while connectivity is recovered. In addition, we are investigating a problem in which users can not send emails, “says Microsoft.

This ruling would have begun on the morning of Monday, October 18. At 9:20 the company would have discovered it. The incident has been recorded in the reception and sending of emails from the main Hotmail account. Hundreds of users of the old Hotmail e-mail, accounts that are currently operated from the Outlook web, have been able to check how their mails went directly to the drafts folder.

However, the web is accessible and users can visit the emails stored in their trays. It is the first high-level incident by Hotmail / Outlook.


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