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Posted by on May 21, 2018

Email is a tool on the web, which today has become an indispensable service that every person should have access to. Today the most popular providers of this service are Gmail from Google and Hotmail (outlook) from Micrososft. but before opening an account, it is necessary to ask the question: it is better hotmail or Gmail.

Which service is better?

To answer this question it is necessary to first evaluate the use that is needed, since both hotmail and Gmail provide a service with different characteristics, then before creating an email account you should evaluate characteristics such as: capacity, security, organization, accessibility, extra services.

Next, a comparison of the specific characteristics for each service is made.


Multiple use : A Gmail account opens several services like: You Tube, Google Drive and Google +.

Applications : With a Gmail account, you can enter and obtain applications, for andriod through Play Store.

Storage space : Provides 15 Gb to use in different services, if you need more, you must buy extra space

Google +:  Access to social network Google +

You Tube : Share videos on the social network youtube.

Portability: You can open Gmail any device with internet connection.

Hotmail (outlook)

Social Networks : hotmail offers the option to make a conversation with facebook and twitter contacts, from the inbox

Application : There is an Outlook application, to check your inbox from any device

Storage: The Outlook inbox is unlimited.

Skype : With a hotmail account (outlook) allows access to skype, to make video calls to your contacts, or phones from anywhere in the world.

Microsoft Office : You can create documents in Word, Excel, Power Point, from your Outlook account and view these types of files online.

Contacts : Your contacts in Outlook, social networks and other messaging services in which you are registered with your Outlook address are in the contacts section.


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