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robotic knee replacement surgery

The Revolution of Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

Apr. 11, 2024 by

Introduction Robotic knee replacement surgery has emerged as a groundbreaking advancement in the field of medical science. This innovative procedure combines the precision of robotics with the expertise of orthopedic surgeons to provide patients with improved outcomes and faster recovery

The Role of Orthopedic Specialists

Oct. 19, 2023 by

Orthopedic specialists are medical professionals who specialize in diagnosing, treating, and preventing conditions related to the musculoskeletal system. This system includes bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and other connective tissues. Orthopedic specialists play a vital role in helping individuals of

Pelvic Floor Fracture in Males: Symptoms, Problems, and Treatment

Jul. 28, 2023 by

Introduction: Pelvic floor fractures in males are relatively uncommon but can result from severe trauma to the pelvic region. The pelvic floor is a complex network of muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues that provide support to the pelvic organs, including

hip injuries


Apr. 4, 2023 by

The hip is one of the joints most affected by injuries and degeneration of bones and cartilage. For this reason, adequate treatment carried out by an orthopaedic surgeon in Dwarka is important, to help avoid chronic injuries that affect the patient’s quality of

Disc Herniation

Oct. 18, 2022 by

What is Disc herniation occurs when an intervertebral disc degenerates and deteriorates, causing the inner nucleus to leak into a weakened area on the outside of the disc. The weak point in the outer nucleus of the intervertebral disc is directly below

Achilles Tendon Tear

Achilles tendon rupture – treatment, surgery

Aug. 17, 2022 by

What is Achilles tendon rupture? An Achilles tendon rupture or rupture occurs when the tendon “ruptures or tears” leading to separation or discontinuity in the tissues that make up the tendon. In terms of anatomy, the Achilles tendon, a sort of fibrous “ribbon” or “cord”

Hip Osteoarthritis Treatment

Jul. 18, 2022 by

Hip arthrosis, also called coxarthrosis, belongs to a group of diseases called chronic degenerative diseases, that is, diseases that progressively evolve, affecting certain areas or tissues of the body. In the case of osteoarthritis of the hip, there is progressive



May. 20, 2022 by

During knee replacement surgery in Delhi, the damaged bone and cartilage are covered with metal and plastic components. In a unicompartmental knee replacement (also called a “partial” knee replacement), only part of the knee is covered. This procedure is an alternative to total

Patellar Instability or Patellar Dislocation

Patellar Instability or Patellar Dislocation

May. 18, 2022 by

What is Patellar Instability or Patellar Dislocation? The patella, formerly known as the kneecap, is the front bone of the knee, responsible for transmitting the strength of the thigh muscles. In some situations, this bone can move out of its

What are the symptoms of hip bursitis?

What are the symptoms of hip bursitis?

May. 5, 2022 by

Bursitis in the hip is an inflammation in a hip pouch, called a “bursa”. It is a relatively common problem and is known to cause pain and generate various discomforts for the patient. It is part of the great trochanter