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Freelancers Will Dominate The Future Jobs Market

April 7, 2019 at 3:49 am / by

Where once upon a time, it was seen as essential to travel to a working environment to liaise with employers or clients and store relevant information, technological advances have paved the way for seamless remote working conditions and the ability to handle many tasks from anywhere in the world.

While the only way of gaining work was to contact employers and recruiters directly, specialist job websites enable us to showcase our portfolios with ease and put us in touch with carefully selected decision makers in relevant businesses.

Our brave new world of heightened autonomy has already worked wonders for freelancers, and in a future of further advancements in machine learning and remote task management, freelance work or micro jobs is set to dominate the jobs market.

Here is why freelancing belongs to the future. Unprecedented flexibility.

Most youngsters believe that the liberating qualities of the technology-age are a driving force in necessitating flexibility with work; the modern age demands a much more flexible work-life balance, Cran reasons.

This theorization bodes well for freelancers. At the time of writing, it’s estimated that around 34% of the US workforce is remote workers – that figure is set to hit 43% by 2020. Moreover, according to Statista, the number of freelancers is expected to grow to over 90 million by 2028.


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