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Posted by on September 24, 2020

We have all been there. The old vacuum cleaner you have depended on for years has finally given up the ghost. It is time to give it a proper burial, get over the grieving process and find a new vacuum. If you treated the old girl right, it may have been ten or more years since you were in the market for a new vacuum. This brings us to the question how do I choose the best vacuum to replace my old friend.


A quick check online or in a brick and mortar store will show you that there are many more choices in vacuum cleaners today than there were a few years ago. In addition, you may have had a vacuum that was mostly metal or at least chrome plated plastic that looked like metal. In that stroll down the vacuum aisle you will find that most vacuums today are made of plastic and come in a variety of colors such as blue, green, yellow or burgundy. Do not let the looks deceive you however; some of these vacuums are tough machines. See here best vacuum under $150


In order to choose the correct vacuum for your situation, you should consult some of the online vacuum cleaner reviews. These vacuum reviews often tell you the good, bad and the ugly about the machine that you are considering. As you read the reviews, look for trends. If there is a recurring problem, you may want to avoid that machine. In addition read beyond the star rating and see why the machine is rated as very good or very bad. Others may have different expectations than you do in a vacuum. For example, if the noise level is not a problem for you, but you read the vacuum reviews and a good priced vacuum is rated high in all other categories but is noisy, it could still be the machine for you.


In addition, be sure that the reviews you read accurately describe the machine and not the sales person at some local department store halfway across the country from you. One of the downfalls of online reviews is that dissatisfied customers may use a websites ratings because of dissatisfaction over something that will never affect you in your purchase.


While there are many choices in vacuum cleaners out there, do not let that discourage you. In fact, this is encouraging news when looked at from a proper perspective. The many choices mean that you are much more likely to find the best vacuum cleaner for you.


Look for on-board attachments. How many times have you been cleaning up for a garage sale and found that box of lost vacuum attachments that fit the machine you had several vacuum cleaners ago. On board attachments keep those tools handy, right where you need them, with the vacuum. No more searching for the attachment you need for cleaning furniture or drapes. They are right at hand.


You really do not need to grieve if your old vacuum has died. With the many choices out there, you can find a much more efficient model today that will do all that you need to do.


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