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Posted by on November 24, 2018

You can use your Hotmail sign in if you have an Outlook, Hotmail, Live or MSN account. All of these email addresses work when trying to login to Hotmail.  Login to your Hotmail account to check email messages or yuse your Hotmail login for Skype. Since redirects to now all of your login information for any of these email services will work. is a generic term used for the 2nd largest webmail service owned by MSN, second only to The free webmail service was originally started by 2 entrepreneurs named Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in 1996. The founding name was HoTMaiL. Microsoft acquired the company in 1997 renaming it MSN Hotmail. The email service was later renamed Windows Live Hotmail in 2005. To date, MSN’s email client currently operates under the name Outlook as of 2012. You may be signed up with a, or account. Whether you have a Hotmail sign in, live sign in or an outlook sign in, the web mail login page is one and the same. You can sign in to any of your MSN free email accounts by going to

Log In To Your Email Account Using Hotmail Sign In, Live Sign In, MSN Sign In Or Outlook Sign In

To sign in to Hotmail you can go to or using your web browser. Don’t worry, your Hotmail sign in will still work at Once you are there look for the login form. You will enter your Hotmail, outlook, MSN or live email address in the email field. In the password field type in your email account password.

Microsoft outlook hotmail login

What To Do If Your Hotmail Sign In Does Not Work!

If you are not successful when using your Hotmail sign in you can always recover your account information. For security reasons you will be asked to answer a few questions. Once you answer these you will be able to retrieve your Hotmail login.

To recover your Hotmail sign in password, click the link that says “Can’t access your account”.

forgot hotmail outlook sign in

The next part will give you 3 different reasons why you possibly can not use your Hotmail login. The most common reason your Hotmail login will fail is due to forgetting your password. To reset your sign in password tick the first radio button and then hit next.

hotmail password recovery

You will reach the next part of the Hotmail / Outlook password recovery process. Enter the email address you have associated with Hotmail, MSN, or Live. The next step is to enter the captcha code you see on your screen. While captchas are annoying, this process is a preventative measure to stop automated programs from stealing you account information. If you have trouble determining the characters in the captcha code you can listen to the audio version as well. You can also select ‘new’ to get a new captcha. Once you have filled out your information, click next.

hotmail password reset form

Now you need to verify your identity to make sure it is really you trying to get in to your Hotmail email account. If you have associated a separate email in the past with your Hotmail sign in and have access to that email then use that option. You will receive a code from Microsoft. You will enter that code and given then have the ability to enter a new password to your account. Don’t forget it! Other methods are text if your phone is tied to your email account or by answering security questions. Select the option that is easiest for you to use and click next. If you answer your security questions correctly you will be able to reset your Hotmail sign in password.

Once you have your Hotmail sign in back, you can start communicating with your friends and family again via email or Skype!


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