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Posted by on December 18, 2018

Hotmail is one of the leading free email service, provided by Microsoft Corporation. Hotmail sign up is free, and anyone can create a new Hotmail account. It takes only a couple of minutes to complete the registration process.

When you create a Hotmail account, you don’t need to make separate accounts for other Microsoft services and products like OneDrive, Bing, Xbox, Skype, MSN, etc.

You can sign up for Hotmail from either PC/Laptop or mobile/tablet. The registration process is simple and can be completed without any problem.

Hotmail Sign up | Create New Hotmail Account

Microsoft has recently changed sign up steps. Here is the updated sign up process:

  • Step 1: Go to from your browser.
  • Step 2: Select Create free account.
    Hotmail Sign Up
  • Step 3: Enter the email address you want to register. You can get and Select the drop-down arrow and select the suffix you wish to.
    If the desired username is not available, try another or claim one of those that are suggested.
    Create Hotmail account
  • Step 4: Create a new password for the new Hotmail account and click ‘Next‘. Do not use dictionary words. Use Mix alphabets, numbers and special characters for Hotmail password.
    Hotmail Sign Up create password
  • Step 5: Enter first and last name in the respective field.
    Hotmail Sign Up
  • Step 6: Select country/region and date of birth. Use a real date of birth so it will be helpful in resetting Hotmail account if you forgot all other details.
    hotmail sign up
  • Step 7: Add security info. Enter your mobile number and tap ‘Send code’.  Complete Hotmail sign uphotmail sign up captchaprocess by verifying security code. Microsoft sometimes allows you to sign up for Hotmail without a phone number, in such instance, you’ve to enter the captcha code. (Microsoft needs to verify that you are human)

Congratulations! Now you’ve completed Hotmail Sign up process. And you currently own a brand new Hotmail email account which can be used for Microsoft services and products. Now log in to Hotmail account and access all features of a Microsoft account.
hotmail sign up inbox

Why don’t you check the video on Hotmail account registering steps if you’re still unable to sign up?
Watch Video on How to sign up for a Hotmail account:

Why Create a Hotmail Account?

  1. It has a free email and calendar service. You’ll get some ad in the inbox, other than that; you don’t have to pay a penny if you don’t mind those ads.
  2. Available everywhere: You can access Hotmail from any device. There are wonderful Outlook mobile apps for mobile and tablet, and excellent website for web-browsers.
  3. Easy to switch from Gmail or Yahoo Mail. You can easily import all old contacts and messages from Gmail/Yahoo.
  4. One Hotmail account is all you need to access Skype, OneDrive, Office online, etc. You don’t have to create a separate account for each of those.
  5. Hotmail has industry standard spam protection and security.
  6. Customizable swipe gestures to instantly delete/archive/flag messages.
  7. Amazing search and filter feature. You can search on the basis of the sender, subject, date etc. You can also filter the certain types of emails and categorize them.

If you find any difficulties or any other queries regarding Hotmail Sign up, let us know in the comment section below.


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