Choosing a Paddle is not difficult

Choosing a Paddle is not difficult

The Paddletek Helo is an energizing new expansion to the universe of stretched oars. Where comparable styles utilize littler holds, the Helo gives extraordinary padding and durability all through the handle without backing off reaction time.

Utilizing a vast 4-1/2″ grasp with this oar extraordinarily enhances strength since the head-predominant plan can cause basic worry along confront/hold meeting point. It additionally gives players more prominent steadiness when utilizing a ping pong-style hold with a finger supporting against the face.

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The Helo’s 17″ length is as yet its most outstanding component, offering a stretched out achieve that enables players to make more progress in the two singles and duplicates. This makes it a perfect pick for middle of the road to cutting edge players who need the capacity to achieve long shots, and also amateurs who need to end up plainly focused in spite of constrained versatility.

People originating from foundations in other racquet brandishes specifically may think that its simpler to acquaint themselves with this style of oar and appreciate the head-predominant plan.

The Helo has an elongated sweet detect that keeps running from the center of the oar to the highest point of its face. Modifying from a square-formed oar to the Helo’s shape can take some modification, however once players begin hitting in its upper district, they take advantage of the full reactivity of Paddletek’s ProPolyCore.

This is a similar center utilized as a part of well known oars like the Element, known for its vibration diminishment. This forestalls “pickleball elbow” and different anxiety related wounds. It delivers a calm sound, making it an extraordinary fit for groups with commotion confinements. The tough polymer honeycomb makes consistency over the oar and makes it simpler to control than harder centers.

Contrasted with Paddletek’s other prolonged oar, the Horizon, the Helo has a marginally more however more slender face, giving significantly more reach. It likewise measures more than the Horizon yet lies in a medium range (7.6 – 7.9 oz), giving it additional power in each hit.


Paddletek has brought exceptional care with the presence of this oar notwithstanding how it plays. Where prior plans would cover the focal point of the oar with paint, the Helo keeps the face clear so it’s anything but difficult to tell where the sweet spot is initially. This additionally decreases the heaviness of the oar general to keep it from running too substantial.

The dabbed design at the edges of the Helo is rich yet basic, giving a pleasant supplement to Paddletek’s different offerings. It as of now comes in blue, raspberry and red hues.

For enthusiasts of the Element who need more noteworthy flexibility, or for the individuals who cherish longer oars and need an abnormal state of toughness in their oar, the Helo will make sure to satisfy.

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