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Posted by on April 20, 2024

Natural wood cabinets are the most valuable cabinetry designs in almost all states in the US with an immense market cap of almost trillions. Once again, they have surpassed artificial cabinets in terms of popularity and have promised to trend more than ever.

Believe it or not, the more natural wood cabinets rise in terms of popularity, the more homeowners are picking favorites. Consequently, a myriad of types of wood cabinets are trending, from oak to hickory, and maple cabinets.

If you have considered buying natural wood kitchen cabinets but don’t know exactly what to go for, continue reading this article. It features explanations of everything about wood cabinets, including their different types and values as far as interior design is concerned.

About Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Natural wood cabinets are some of the types of kitchen furniture many homeowners are opting for now that the cost of kitchen interior design is heightening. On some cabinet-buying platforms, buyers have cancelled orders on artificial cabinets simply because they discovered that, unlike wood, laminate materials are expensive not just in terms of purchase but maintenance as well.

Indeed, natural wood kitchen cabinets are generously cost-effective. You can stay with them for as long as you want without having to spend significant amounts of money, time, or effort on repairs. For your information, below are the most common varieties of natural wood cabinets;

  1. Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Have you ever considered buying furniture constructed from oak? Well, like it or not, they are the most common wood cabinets. For that reason, you can never escape buying oak cabinets if you just want natural wood kitchen cabinets. Oak cabinets exist in two major types; namely, red and white oak cabinets.

Both red and white oak cabinets are suitable for traditional and modern interior spaces. Thanks to their rough-grained finishes, these cabinets boast unmatched stain-absorbance and scratch-resistant properties.

  1. Hickory Kitchen Cabinets

Whereas hickory kitchen cabinets are not as versatile as oak cabinets, they are some of the most well-known natural wood kitchen cabinets. Hickory cabinets, both classic and traditional-style varieties, match multiple aesthetic styles, colors, and textures. They also come in different shapes and showcase variability in terms of finishing options.

The latest modern hickory feature pops of bold and neutral colors, especially in terms of finishing options and ornamentation. Depending on what your space looks like, you can use the enhanced visual design elements of modern hickory cabinets to infuse an element of fun play into it.

  1. Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Besides oak and hickory cabinets, you can go for maple cabinets if you are attracted to natural wood cabinet designs. Considering the degree to which they have been prominent in the interior design industry for many years, maple cabinets generally boast valuable aspects.

Based on the views of many homeowners, maple kitchen cabinets are not only longer-lasting but also more functional than many stylish cabinetry designs. Because they feature different cabinet types, especially based on elements like color and construction formats, maple cabinets prove potential to offer homeowners a wider selection.

Where to Find Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets for Sale

#1: Online Shopping Sites

Shopping sites online are some of the most potential hubs of natural wood kitchen cabinets for sale. The beauty of these sites is that one can access them from the comfort of a smartphone or any other internet-enabled device. All one has to do is stay vigilant enough to avoid dealing with unscrupulous sites, most of which steal people’s private data.

#2: Land-Based Furniture Showrooms

If you don’t want to buy cabinets online, land-based furniture showrooms and stores are meant for you. Upon visiting them, you can take your time to window shop while looking out for cabinet designs that can work well for you. Generally speaking, your friends, family, and acquaintances may help you identify reliable stores to visit if you try consulting them.

#3: Auction Sites

As of now, auction sites have proved reputable buying-and-selling points. For that reason, you can try your luck in one or two auction avenues in your quest to get access to natural wood kitchen cabinets to buy. The good thing with auctioned items is that they are more often custom-made and most importantly, affordable.

How to Style a Kitchen with Natural Wood Cabinets

Don’t Forget Daily Maintenance

Generally speaking, if you fail to take good care of a space with wood cabinets, mostly in terms of regular cleaning and refurbishments, anything you do to make it look stylish is in vain. Natural wood kitchen cabinets have proved a habit of looking worn-out in the absence of effective maintenance, a fact that justifies the need to regularly clean the space in which they adorn.

Mix Colors

If you want the aesthetic features of any natural wood cabinets to stand out and magnify the overall aesthetics of the space in which they are fixed, you must consider mixing different colors with the wood cabinets in question. The good thing about natural wood cabinets is that they can match multiple color features and shades.

 Incorporate Your Likes

You can also enhance the overall appearance of an interior with natural wood kitchen cabinets by letting your likes or preferences take over the visual aesthetic styles that you choose to work with while styling the cabinetries and their space. Your likes can stand out in terms of color, artwork, or any other ornamental properties that can reinforce the beauty of a space and décor accessories in it.

Install Extra Lighting Fixtures

If the wood cabinets in your kitchen space are dark-toned, installing extra lighting fixtures, alongside the incorporation of multiple colors, can serve to enliven their appearance. You must go for lighting fixtures that can serve beyond enhancing lighting to act as décor accessories. These may include pendant bulbs whose parts and handles feature golden, chrome, copper, or stainless steel material finishes.

Final Thoughts

Some of the most worthwhile and versatile cabinet designs are natural wood kitchen cabinets. These drawer varieties feature variabilities, from material to color, shape, and layouts. Natural wood cabinets rhyme with multiple interior design aesthetic styles and are considered as the most durable cabinetry designs.


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