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Posted by on November 27, 2023

A current and modern remedy, PRP therapy & Hair Transplant in Dubai  makes use of your personal platelets to stimulate the boom of recent hair. PRP is so effective because it harnesses the electricity of the important vitamins and growth elements your platelets evidently contain.

Let’s get into the info of ways PRP injections assist reverse hair loss, what a treatment session looks as if, and how to know if PRP is the proper hair loss answer for you.

How PRP improves hair increase
PRP injections are tested—thru scientific research—to assist opposite thinning hair and sell the boom of recent hair. The studies discover that there are multiple methods the platelets work to attain this end result.

First, PRP plasma is wealthy with boom factors that help stimulate new hair follicles, helping new hair to develop in areas in which hair is thinning. Second, PRP injections prolong the developing phase of your hair cycle, meaning you maintain your present hair longer.

However, it does take time for the magic of PRP injections to work. The remedy works together with your hair cycle to stimulate your natural hair boom; noticeable consequences can take two to a few months to show.

What to expect throughout your session
At your PRP injection consultation at Honest Hair Restoration, your provider attracts a small quantity of your blood, then spins it in a centrifuge to separate the platelets from the rest of your blood. This platelet-wealthy pay attention is then used to create the plasma.

Next, your provider injects the PRP plasma into the goal regions predetermined by means of Dr. Maag. There are few facet outcomes to PRP injections due to the fact we use your very own blood. However, discomfort or discomfort at the injection websites is not unusual.

One of our patients’ favored things about PRP injections—besides the notable outcomes—is that the session takes much less than an hour. Plus, no downtime is required, so that you can get again on your regular sports right away.

Determining if PRP injections are right for you
PRP remedy is considered a secure remedy. That way maximum adults with hair loss are eligible for PRP injections.

Before beginning any hair remedy, but, it’s important to are looking for advice from a hair recovery expert, like Dr. Maag. This is because many elements move into selecting the proper treatment for you.

For instance, PRP therapy won’t be as effective for you when you have certain underlying clinical situations. These consist of lupus, thyroid disease, a bleeding disorder, or skin cancer.


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