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Posted by on December 6, 2022

Getting that ideal and best Hollywood Grin is something that a great many people long for, however did you know a shimmering white, lovely arrangement of teeth isn’t excessively far unattainable?

Hollywood Smile Dubai is a complete makeover of your grin, for example a total prosthetic recreation of the two jaws utilizing covers, facade and, frequently, inserts.

Here is the bit by bit process that we follow to accomplish the ideal Hollywood Grin for every one of our clients.

Hollywood Grin Makeover
A ‘Hollywood’ Grin Makeover includes restorative methodology to accomplish the ideal shape, variety, and size of teeth to fit completely in your mouth. The most widely recognized corrective system is Porcelain Facade, which are meager fired wafers that are intended to cover the outer layer of your singular teeth.

Each grin is hand crafted to accommodate your interesting facial elements, making a grin that is good for a lord or sovereign!

Porcelain Facade are stain-safe and are utilized to:

Close holes between teeth
Right misalignment of teeth
Reestablish worn out or chipped teeth
Right long-lasting staining of teeth because of imperfections in the finish that can’t be taken out utilizing brightening systems
Famous for their sturdiness and strength, Porcelain Facade are one of the most trusted and stylishly satisfying restorative dental medicines to accomplishing an impeccable Hollywood Grin.


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