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Posted by on May 29, 2020


Pest control in commercial warehouses is a big challenge for most pest control companies. Various types of pests, animals and insects can plague your warehouse. Commercial warehouse customers know how valuable it is to treat warehouses and facilities effectively. Stocks of food and other perishable items increase the difficulty of handling warehouses. There are 6 steps to protect your storage and make sure your warehouse is free from pest infestations.

Evaluation. This is the initial step in creating an effective Pest Control program. Evaluating warehouses is a complicated job. Particular attention is paid to entry points, food sources, water sources, shelter areas, and corners of employees and customers. They will also evaluate all areas of the warehouse, such as cafeterias, pantry, cleaning cabinets, cellar, utility room, comfort rooms and shipping and reception area.

Examine the design of the building. After a thorough evaluation and identifying existing and possible problem areas, the next thing to do is find out the traffic of customers and employees of the building, which is the total number of people entering and leaving the building every day. Inspect entry areas such as walkways, electrical conduits, overhead gates, water fountains, and exterior perimeters, including landfill areas, fence lines, storage buildings, etc.

Pest identification. Each type of pest has a different treatment technique depending on the reaction of the pests to each treatment. Pest management professionals generally collect information from employees to obtain accurate pest information to prevent further infestations and monitor current problems.

Custom programs. Each warehouse is different from other warehouses, therefore, each warehouse requires a different pest control program from the other. Some factors to consider are location, building age, weather, warehouse size, and many other factors. To develop the best pest management program that meets your warehouse requirements, professionals will inspect and dismantle facilities and speak to employees.

Sanitation. The bottom line in every pest control and maintenance is sanitation. The success of any pest control program and the maintenance of a pest free warehouse will depend on the sanitation in your warehouse. Pest controllers will use service log logs, application logs, sighting logs, and sanitation reports to make the program effective. You will be able to prevent health risks, financial and legal problems related to pest invasion.

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