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Posted by on May 20, 2020


With the worldwide network more readily available than ever, there is no reason why your musical talents should not be discovered or heard. Promoting your music online is very profitable and fast. You can publish your music permanently with minimal effort. Here are some websites to get you started and head to stardom.

Sound-Click offers music artists of all genres and talents the opportunity to be the center of attention. They offer many options and plans for the musical artist to start and reach recognition. They also have an online forum for you to get involved with many others who have the same views as you.

My-Space is an online chat community. You can meet many new faces and different people from the world. Registering and setting up a website can connect you and your music on board. There have been many music artists who made record deals through this online chat community.

Craigs-List is a local online forum. There, you can publish about yourself and your music in all cities. They have local chat rooms where you can participate along with other Wellingtamusic in the field. Concerts and contacts can be easily found there as there are always new posts on the daily basics.

You-Tube is the most popular video sharing website online. Make your own music videos and post them online for millions to share your thoughts and comments on your songs; and create subscriptions for fans to stay up-to-date with all the works from their ongoing music activities.

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