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Posted by on March 22, 2018

Ghost writer is someone who writes something, it may be a novel, screenplay, blog, an article or screenplay, or any other kind of text, which is officially credited to other person. It is a common practice among celebrities and politicians to hire ghost writers to write something, which would have the former’s name instead of the writer’s.

What is ghost writing?

Ghost writing is a term often confused with freelance writing. A ghost writer is someone who writes some text and the credit may go to the client or left without any name. While a freelance writer gets credit for writing. This difference is enough to draw a line between ghost writing and freelance writing. Ghost writer is called so because, he or she is significant and influential through what he or she writes but is invisible or not a subject of common knowledge. A carefully chosen name indeed!

Ghost writing is about helping somebody else write their book. A ghost writer may either produce a final draft from a rough one or may do an editorial work. A ghost writer may be required to adopt the writing style of the person in whose name he or she has to write. Though those may seem to some people as losing their originality but to others it may seem as being flexible and versatile. Well, of course it is a challenging task and demands great dedication and skill.

What kind of work do ghost writers do?

  • Ghost writers are hired to write a new copy for any website.
  • For any business, advertisement and marketing there are key points, to sell a product. Ghost writer may be hired to write an ad for the same.
  • Some celebrities or politicians hire ghost writers to maintain their blog or to write magazine articles and even to draft or write their autobiographies.
  • Some companies hire ghost writers to write thesis or dissertations for the students.
  • Pharmaceutical companies often hire ghost writers to produce papers.
  • If a publisher wishes to increase the number of books of an already established series, he or she can hire a ghost writer for help. Ghost writers can also help publishers produce more books per year.

This is not all. There are many other kinds of work for which ghost writers are hired. Almost any kind of writing can be done by ghost writers. Ghostwriting Services in Delhi NCR – India is a job of huge responsibility. It requires talent and a right attitude to work like a ghost. Most people look at ghost writing as writing without glory, but some ghost writers are lucky enough to have their name appear on the cover page as a co-author or in the acknowledgements, by the wish of the client. With the advancement in technology, ghost writing has gained a high popularity. Ghost writers are hired to maintain copies on electronic media and social media. Ghostwriting in Delhi NCR – India is a profession which gives an impression of never going out of demand.


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