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Posted by on October 14, 2019

If you think that after a long chilly winter season, your garden has started giving the feeling of boredom, then choosing the best designs of the fountain is the best option for you. Having the installation of the garden fountain in the house eventually bring extra charm and beauty in the whole garden area! Being one of the main elements for the garden décor, it is being thought that garden fountains are expensive enough to purchase. Well, that’s true! But if you are creative enough and know the art of garden décor, then you can even choose to design the garden fountain out of the old garden ornament. We are not kidding!

Basics of Garden Fountain Construction

Garden Fountain Construction

The everyday basics that are used for the construction of the DIY garden fountain are the same that are used by any professional designer. You will need a sculpture along with some water in it and a pump to let the water keeps on flowing. If you already have some old ornaments of garden décor in your house, then definitely utilizing them for the garden fountain decoration is an ultimate option. You can mod all those specific accessories to get them fitted into the garden fountain. Having the placement of flat stones on the fountain can often add a charming and zen appearance over the fountain. You can learn much more about garden decoration and ornamentation by visiting This platform will help you even more to acquire a completely comprehensive guide related to garden decoration ideas.

Latest and Inspiring Ideas For DIY Garden Fountain 

  • Pot It Up Design 

This is one such trendy fountain idea which even a kid can try on their efforts. This requires an installation of the electric pump in a robust concrete planter mixture. You can also use ceramic material to make it stick in one place for a long time. You can later on make it filled with the water. Just plug it to start the flow of water. You will simply love the whole concept. For highlighting the entire landscape, you can surround it with some flower or plantation too. Installing it on some deck or the patio areas of the garden will look so much soothing.

  • Deer Deterrent Fountain Design

This fountain decoration design is all about the traditional bamboo finishing. This has been much often used in the home gardens that are based on the Japanese theme. It is surrounded by the beauty of water flow along with the stones at its corners. The water will flow from the bamboo. The water of stream brings a rhythmic nature sound that adds extra charm in the whole garden décor.

  • Geyser Fountain Design 

On the third spot, we will recommend you with the striking geyser fountain design! This whole design will eventually be removing the threat of standing pool water. Your kids or pet animals will not fall into it. The water will be vanishing straight away into the rocky series of ground. Beneath the area of stones, you will be locating a buried tub along with a tank that contains 15 gallons of water. The pump will be used for the steady movement of water flow.

Well, above all, there are so many more charming and inspiring ideas of the DIY garden fountain that you can easily decorate on your own. You have to make sure that you have all the accessories and decoration tools with you that are necessary for adding charm and attractiveness in the fountain appearance. We have presented a few examples for you, so without wasting any time, let’s try them out!