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Posted by on October 11, 2019

Stephen Frost has been doing coaching with his various worldwide coaching clients since 2005. Stephen began coaching long before that though. From the age of 15 Stephen Frost became involved with various organizations where people quickly discovered he had a talent for bringing out the best in people. As a result he was often called on to help others learn new skills more effectively, or help people transform their beliefs around things so that they could create better results with what they were doing.

For Stephen Frost a life of helping through personal development and coaching was far from always on the cards though, for a long time Stephen had a very different career path in his mind, until a traffic accident in Africa caused an injury that put previous plans to rest.

That accident is what spurred Stephen into personal development, from where he found a passion for life change, driven mostly by neuro linguistic programming and meditation.

Stephen Frost Certified Master Practitioner In Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Stephen Frost made his first forays into personal development in 2004, attending courses with the Performance Partnership led by David Shephard.

During his first two workshops Stephen Frost found himself moving with a great deal of pace, once he had allowed himself to fully let go and be in flow with the opportunity for change and release which was there. Having studied engineering, and being good at both creating things or working out how existing things worked, while also having a keen interest in psychology and how people think. Stephen found neuro linguistic programming intriguing.

In January of 2005 Stephen Frost chose to become certified in NLP. Over five and a half months Stephen pushed the majority of his energy into studying, and certified first at practitioner in NLP in the March, then graduating as master practitioner in NLP in June of that year. By Stephen’s own admission it was intense, yet highly worthwhile. It brought about a huge level of change within Stephen, including far greater opportunity of achieving his goals, as well as for helping others.

Stephen Frost His First Forays Into Coaching Others Through Positive Life Change

In 2005 Stephen Frost began his first coaching practice, Frost Neuro Linguistics. Stephen chose this business name as a combination naturally of his name, Frost, and the neuro linguistic programming skills which were the foundational point for those coaching sessions he was giving.

Stephen worked with Frost Neuro Linguistics throughout the UK and also Australia, helping his coaching clients through numerous life change requirements, often helping those in need to overcome issues including nervous breakdown.

Stephen Frost also demonstrated a strong flair for helping entrepreneurs develop themselves, by extension their businesses, in amazing ways too. Working with those same neuro linguistic progamming techniques used to help people release negative events from their past, he found an innate ability for developing the mindset of entrepreneurs in a way which helped them press forward in a far stronger way than they had previously experienced.

Stephen Frost found one serious challenge through his coaching practice, needing to be face to face with his coaching clients. While at times he enjoyed this, he had dreams of a different way of doing things, and thus Stephen being an a person who enjoys solving challenges, set off to develop a solution which would see things come together according to his vision.

Stephen Frost Initiates Surging Life As A Way Of Helping People With Life Change Worldwide

In October 2013 Stephen Frost began his work with Surging Life. This built on Stephen’s work with other websites following a course he did with James Schramko in Sydney.

The brand name Surging Life was chosen by Stephen Frost as a reflection of that energy he was set on sharing with people worldwide. Surging as in an increasing flow pouting forth, driving greater energy up. Thus Surging Life bringing forth images and feelings of life of increasing joy and happiness, where greater energy flows forth for those ready to welcome it in. Stephen Frost produced a wide array of resources through Surging Life, including his best selling book “Life Unleashed” along with two relaxation audio CDs, on sleep music CD, as well as a range of tutorials and web based courses. Stephen Frost continues working on Surging Life, with a goal to change the lives of one billion people worldwide.

Stephen Frost Ups His Pace By Launching Online Coaching Coach

Determined to help even more people, Stephen Frost launched his Online Coaching Coach site in April of 2019.

Following lessons learned with digital marketing, creating a more focused message that would help him reach out to even more people, more effective, Stephen Frost knew that putting development energy into Online Coaching Coach would be energy and time well spent.

Through Online Coaching Coach, Stephen Frost also knew he would have that far greater ability he sought, reaching people seeking life change all around the world, with far greater ease. Something Stephen was very glad to be able to do.

Stephen Frost Creating Positive Life Change Through Coaching And Personal Development

Stephen Frost has helping others create incredible results very close to his life purpose. It runs through everything he does. Through coaching and personal development sessions, Stephen Frost works very diligently to help people create that life and business they dream of, producing spectacular results in the process.

Stephen Frost – The Why

“To empower catalytic change in people so that they can have the freedom in business and life that they dream of.”

It is this why which sits as a foundation for everything that Stephen Frost does in life.