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Posted by on January 15, 2020

Product launches are very important. From the time they are released to shortly afterward, the time is very crucial for the businessmen investing in that product. Product launches have always been on a very large scale so that maximum people can know about the new product being launched. People would want to know its specifications, its design, its price and every other additional detail which might add value to it. Many channels also show live streaming of renowned companies launching their products. BBC world live streaming is the most-watched live stream for news from all around the world.

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Live streaming, on the other hand, plays an important role in getting connected to a large audience. It can help you market your new product from the day of its launch. People will get to know all the information from its manufacturing to its design and price. Customers from all over the world can reach out to book your new product. Product launch is a big event, many important people are already present. They will talk about your product specifications, details, and many other things to promote your new product more. The main purpose of this lifestream would be to connect to the larger group who cannot make up to the launch, so they can enjoy the launch, get together with you in this good moment, and can know about your products more. These are the people who can be your ambassadors and can recommend your products to all others who have not watched the grand launch of your product.

How to Live Stream a Product Launch:

This is a very important part. For a live streaming video, you need to know how to make a live streaming video. You need to understand the fact that the live video you are going to record holds great importance so it should be recorded carefully. There are a few things you need to note and they are as follows.

The first thing you need to know is that there should be no interrupting sounds of the people talking or shouting. This leaves a bad impact on the viewers because they cannot hear the important things being told about the product.

Another thing which is the most important of all is that the gadget recording the live video should not be moving continuously. It also creates disturbance and the viewers do not like this. The screen should be kept still so that there is no disturbance and everything is seen and heard clearly.

One more thing should be kept in mind while recording that during the product unveiling, the video quality should be clear so that the product is visible to the customers.

The background music shouldn’t be too loud creating a disturbance in the video recording and the main sounds should not be soft so that is heard by those watching it on screens. The use of mike should be done so that everyone hears what is being told by the experts.

Live video should contain all the basic guides but it should not be a very straight forward video. There should be some fun and musical performances in between the discussions for the viewers to make a good impression.

Live video should not be a very long video. Everyone is not free all the time. It should be a small video so that everyone can watch it easily. This live streaming should be recorded in the time in which most people are free. The day selected for the video should also be the weekend if possible because most people are free on weekends.


Product launches are a great success if all the social media platforms are also used with them such as the live streaming option which will enable you to market your product to the entire world. People all over the world can sign up to buy your products if they find it interesting and with the launch of the product you can make up a large profit. The main things that need to be kept in mind are also discussed such as the voice of background music should be low so that every other thing said by the experts sitting in the panel discussing the product is heard. The screen of the recorder should also not move continuously so that the viewers can see everything.