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Posted by on January 16, 2020


An algorithm used by doctors in the U.S is found to be biased. The health care algorithm is used for checking which patient needs more care and it shows the white patient more than the black patients. It was found in the statistics. According to the statistics 6079 black and 43539 white patients,

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The more details about this algorithm are mentioned in the points.

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A medical algorithm is any computation, formula, statistical survey, nomogram, or look up table useful in health care. It is important because the fundamental basis of all computerized tasks is done with the help of an algorithm. The use of algorithms for important tasks is spreading across the healthcare sector. It is very beneficial for the doctor as it has also reduced the burden from the doctors.

Statistics about biased ness

The biasedness is found in the US is with the help of statistical data about the treatment for black and white patients. It is found that 6079 black patients and 43539 white patients need more care than other patients. This statistical data clearly shows the biasedness done with the black patients.

Effect of this biasedness

There is a very dangerous effect of this biasedness as the outcome of this can affect black patients very badly.

  1. Less care

Due to the biasedness, the black patient will receive less care than the other ones and their health will be negatively impacted. The algorithm is the main thing upon which all the further treatments based. If it will not show the right data for the black patient they won’t be treated accordingly.

  1. Need to spend more

This can also cost them more than in their treatment. They will have to shift to more specialized doctors who can treat them properly this will increase their medical costs. If due to the algorithm their health does not improve, they need to go for further different treatments that are not good for the health and the expenses will also ultimately increase.

In this case, there are many things they can do to prevent themselves from the increased costs as well as to take care of their health. The steps you can take are:

  1. Prevention is better than cure

It is an old saying which means use the prevention first to save yourself from the dangers of the outcome. And cure will also be going to cost you more so use good prevention method. Like take a healthy diet properly, do regular exercise to get more strength.

  1. Guidance from the known doctor

Whenever you feel that you are falling ill, in this case, go to the doctor which is known to you. So, that he can provide you the true guidance and take care of you properly. Your known doctor will prevent using the algorithm and use some better method for you.

  1. Repair the machine

The experts should try to repair the machine as soon as possible to prevent further bias ness. If the repair process does not get the speed up then some other black patients have to suffer from this. And the usage of this machine should also get stop till it is fully repaired. You should also keep in mind that the doctors do no use this machine in your case and tell them to do your medical checkup with some other method.

  1. Measures to reduce cost.

Try to take some measures to reduce your medical costs. As increased medical costs can take all your income away. For reducing the cost take a good insurance policy for yourself so that the insurance company will bear the insurance expenses on your behalf and they will also keep in mind to do your checkup from some good hospital. You can get the knowledge about the insurance plans by checking the Medicare supplement plans 2020 website. You will surely get a good plan for yourself.


So, till the algorithm is repaired you can take the following precautions. By doing this you can take care of your health easily and you also will not have to bear the increasing cost of medical health care. Keep these points in mind if you want good health.