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Posted by on May 5, 2020

One of the most extravagant sites that make the Turkish metropolitan, Istanbul, famous is the Hammam. The place’s rich culture dates back to the Ottoman Empire and is associated with baths, steams, and exotic massages. The benefits of these ancient practices to the body are innumerable.  But besides the special water here, this place serves as the origin of one of the most incredible skincare products, which is the natural handmade Turkish Hammam soap.

As a natural product, Turkish Hamman soap contains no chemicals, thereby more health and environmental-friendly compared to its counterparts. There are several varieties of Turkish organic lathers including aloe vera, rose, donkey milk, grape seed, black seed, honey pollen, active carbon, jasmine flower, argan oil, goat milk, honey, lavender, palm, pomegranate, marigold, rice, sulfur, fruit, turmeric, laurel, etc.  It is unlikely that you will mention any scent and miss it from the list of Turkish soap.

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Despite the type, some of the basic ingredients in a traditional Hamman soap include essential oils, palm oils, and coconut oil. The essential oils since the times of old have been employed in aromatherapy. Their exotic fragrance grants them excellent healing properties. Coconut oil serves as an emollient, thereby softening and soothing the skin after a bath. Some also love it because of the soft foam it produces. Lastly, palm oil is responsible for hardening the soap and increasing its lifespan. This type of soap is popular in spas for their revitalizing nature.

Benefits of natural Turkish Hammam soaps

  • The soaps are entirely organic and, therefore, do not contain the parabens, petrochemicals, and phthalates found in other cleansers that can cause irritation and finally damage the skin.
  • Most of them can be used on all skin types and any part of the body without causing any damage.
  • The soaps moisturize and soften the skin giving it a more delicate tone.
  • The soaps are suitable for skin smoothening purposes, and they also make the skin appear brighter.
  • The essential oils in these soaps give them an enchanting scent that makes every part of your being rejuvenated after the bath. They are responsible for the healing nature of these soaps.
  • A majority of them have received dermatological approval for use in conditions such as eczema and fungal skin diseases.
  • Some of the soaps contain additional glycerine and vitamin E, which are essential in nourishing the skin.

Where can I buy Turkish Hammam soaps?

For you to experience the authentic soothing ability of the traditional Turkish soap, visiting a spa that offers other services such as steaming as part of the treatment is the best option. But if you want to create your own spa treatment at home, there are myriad options for you. The local shops and bazaars in Turkey always sell varieties of Hammam soap, and you can get your pick from one of them. In other parts of the world, only selected physical stores may be stocking them. However, with online stores, you are never going to run out of options. The price ranges between 5- 15 dollars per piece, and most online shopping platforms sell the items in sets. For instance, one set can contain nine different varieties like rose, marigold, lavender, honey, pearl powder, turmeric, laurel, whitening, and pomegranate. There is no standard grouping for all manufacturers, but you can also products sold singly. A majority of these online traders ship their products internationally, and so should not be a hindrance to enjoying your Turkish Hamman soap treatment. The shipping terms and duration of delivery vary by company.


Turkish Hammam soap is a 100 percent natural product with its roots tracing to the cleansing culture of the Ottoman empire. The cleansers can either be made by the cold or heat process, but both techniques adhere to the hand-making protocol. Notwithstanding, the ones made via the cold process are of more premium quality since the essential oils are wholly retained during the manufacture. They are available in many scents ranging from rose to marigold.

These handmade Turkish soaps are health-friendly since they contain no chemicals and form a great asset for the nourishing of your skin. Traditional Hammam soaps can be used on any skin type, and they are also essential in managing some conditions like eczema. Both local stores in Turkey and international ecommerce businesses stock these products.