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Posted by on May 27, 2020

Studies have determined that 1 in 7 students works full time. It seems a small number, however, today, the need for work has been increasing. The diversity of expenses is increasing. In today’s times, the social need to leave home and be someone “independent” is also growing. The best part time jobs continue to stand out in the interest of students. However, full-time jobs are gradually gaining prominence. The increase in living costs is driving this labor sector to level up

Today’s life is not like before. The changes are variants and, the economy increasingly demands a greater effort. A student rental that used to cost an amount can cost twice as much today. Tuition fees also seem to multiply. Because of this, many students have made the decision to apply a tremendous effort to take a full-time job.

Full time work

Full time work

If working part time can be difficult, working full time while studying is not just anything. Being twice as much effort, the energies of young people are quickly depleted.

A full-time job reduces time to study and entertain. This increases anxiety and stress a little. However, the need can be an energy trigger and the student can take it lightly. Although, if the workload is very excessive, over time, the negative effects can be exposed.

 Adjustment of curricular activities

You have to take each experience with balance. We must be aware that each step must be carried out calmly. With this, reference is made to the fact that the student has the possibility of not crowding himself with activities. There is an academic benefit factor, this is to enroll some subjects in the trimester or semester.

It is true that, by not registering all the corresponding subjects in a period, the race is delayed a little. However, it is a good way to balance the various activities, and give way to work activity. So, it is totally ideal that academic institutions give the opportunity to take some subjects over time.

Full-time apprenticeship

Students who work full time tend to have more work experience. This is totally positive. Well, they can more easily understand the value systems established in a company. Being in constant work activity, the practice of values ​​is greater. Therefore, its applied use in the student world is more frequent.

If the best part-time jobs are focused on enhancing values, in a full-time job, this is accomplished to a greater extent. The level of learning increases as do the possibilities of future jobs. What you can learn in a part-time, full-time job, you learn and apply more consistently.The administrative and organizational concepts are also complementary and strengthened better than working part time. This influences the development of activities.

The main aspects that the student needs to organize and manage are their earnings, is the time they have and the activities they do. A full-time job does not allow the student the option of acting lazily.With a full-time job, earnings or wages are more complete. This facilitates the payment of the different financial commitments. In addition, the fund saving plan is enhanced.

Disadvantages of full time work

Knowledge and opportunities increase with a full-time job, but there is a big downside. Between the need to cover expenses and pay checks, the work can be absorbing and distract the student’s academic focus. With the pleasure that the student gives to the earnings of their first salaries, the interest in study is gradually withdrawing. If this factor is not taken into account, the student could go as far as leaving the race. Abandoning the career would be a terrible case, because the student would limit himself for life to a prosperous economic advance. It is important to raise awareness and take study as seriously as work. Although the University does not provide you with all the necessary experiences, forming a career is the main objective.

This goal should not be lost sight of, and less with an economic gain in between. It is true that 1 in 7 students works full time today. It is true that this number is increasing. However, despite the needs, the study comes first. The fundamental bases are instilled by the University. The relationship of work values ​​with the student will always be active. Having a full-time job while studying can be a quick and comfortable solution. The relationship between both experiences generates improved and unique learning and development. But, the student should not relax his primary interest of study.