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Posted by on June 16, 2020

Almost every person on this planet likes to listen to music. People are attracted to music a lot. There are so many genres that you can choose to listen to. You can pick rock, blues, jazz, pop, metal, heavy metal, disco, rap, reggae, electronica, funk, so on and so forth.

Whatever music genre that you like, you will need a speaker to louden your music. In the beginning, when the speaker was invented, the engineers created ones with a cord as the electric conductor. Inside the cord, there is copper wire. Nowadays, that has changed.

The modern era gives us so many benefits. One of the best things to get is cordless technology. Almost every electronic device is cordless now. Even cordless speakers are created. We do not need to use the cord. It is already old-fashioned.

Bluetooth speakers

There are 5 affordable Bluetooth speakers in 2020

  1. Anker Soundcore Flare

This product has won most people’s hearts. It is because almost every person can buy it. The affordable price is the point plus of the Anker Soundcore Flare.

It weighs only 0.5 kg. It will do the job for about 12 hours per charge. The Bluetooth version is 4.2. Water will not damage it as long as it is not drowning. You can use this up to 20 m radius.

  1. Bose Home Portable Speaker

Every Bluetooth speaker lovers know this product. With the best sound quality, it can make you listen to music every day. This amazing speaker is indeed a low budget. However, the sound quality of this product is undeniably great.

It weighs only 1.5 kg. It will endure for about 12 hours per charge. The Bluetooth version is standard i.e. 4.2. It has got an 18 m radius.

  1. JBL Flip 5

This simple bluetooth speaker is very famous in Japan. If you like Japanese pop culture, then you should have this product. Even though it looks simple, but do not underestimate its sound quality.

It feels like a group of angels singing together in harmony when you listen to music through this speaker. It weighs 600 gr. You can use this for about 12 hours before you recharge the battery. The bluetooth is 4.2 version. It has 19 m of radius range.

  1. UE Boom 3

For those who like to listen to music in every situation, this bluetooth speaker is just for you. Live colorfully by listening to music. This great speaker is not expensive yet able to produce incredible sound.

It weighs only 600 gr. Ir is very light but has got heavy sound. Ir has got a 40 m radius. The battery life is amazing. You did not need to recharge it until 15 hours.

  1. Sonos Move

This speaker is for those who consider listening to music very important. It is a bit heavy compared to other bluetooth speakers. However, you will only get fantastic sound quality out of it.

It weighs about 3 kg. The weight is not too heavy actually. You can use this speaker for 10 hours. It has got WiFi connectivity and a 4.2 bluetooth version. You can recharge the battery through USB type C cable.

  1. Sony SRS-XB501G

You can have Google Assistant on this device. This Sony bluetooth speaker is no joke. You can use it for a half-day. The weight is not so heavy i.e. only 3 kg. The sound quality is undoubtedly terrific.

This Japanese brand is a legend. It is in one line with the greatest bluetooth speakers from other advanced countries.


Listening to music will be not enough if you do not use great sounding speakers. Even though the speakers are cordless, you still need to make sure whether they sound great or not. Great bluetooth speakers always come at a logical price.

Affordable speakers might be good or bad. Not every cheap speakers are bad. The above products will give you the best listening experience in 2020. You can still count on them next year. Happy listening! Music will never die.

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