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Posted by on August 8, 2020

A wedding is a significant event in the lives of people. It is one of the grandest celebrations a person can have in their entire life. With this, many couples plan their big day for months and make sure that nothing will go wrong. There are various arrangements to be done, including the venue, the wedding cake, the wedding dress, and others.

To celebrate their special day, most couples are usually willing to spend a considerable amount of money to ensure that everything will be well-organized and taken care of during their wedding. Included here is a professional wedding assistant.

What is a Wedding Assistant?

A wedding assistant is a professional who helps couples to plan their wedding with the most quality preferences and most suitable choices for the client. They offer services that will ease the stress of the couple upon the arrival of their wedding date because everything has been taken care of by their hired wedding assistant.

Hiring a wedding assistant is not a new thing. People are doing this around the world. But this industry has grown the largest in the countries of the United States of America, China, India, and Western Europe. This career can be pursued by taking courses that will teach an individual to have the fundamentals of this field. For any type wedding suppliers help, do not hesitate to contact them.

Wedding assistants are hired either for a full service or a day of coordination. It is necessary to explain the packages for these two options to the clients. Now, what is the difference between these two?

Day of Coordinator

Most brides have dreamed about their perfect wedding since they were a little child. For sure, they are very excited to make their dream wedding plans into reality once they have gotten engaged to the love of their life. With this, it most likely that the bride has already chosen the vendors for her special day and only needs someone to coordinate with them as their big day comes.

This is when a client only hires the wedding assistant as a Day of Coordinator. They do not need to have all the planning done for them, but instead, they only need someone who will manage their plans.

Day of coordinator works before, during, and after. Here are the services included to their package:

  1. Before the wedding

Before the wedding, the assistant is responsible for contacting all the vendors that the bride has chosen. It must at least be a week before the big day to ensure that all things are ready as planned. It is the wedding coordinator’s job to ensure that the venue, bands, and even the photographer are well-informed of the final details.

In the final details, the assistant must provide a copy of the event’s timeline so that everyone is guided for the party. It is also the assistant’s responsibility to take charge of the final rehearsal, which usually takes place 2-3 days before the wedding. In this activity, everyone must be given a copy of the timeline. And of course, the client and their parents must approve this timeline.

During the rehearsals, it is usually the last time to make final calls like the scheduling details and explain it to the bride and groom. Everything must be clear.

  1. During the wedding

The day of the wedding is the most notable day tasked to a wedding coordinator. They need to make sure that everything will turn out fine during the big day. With this, they must arrive earlier to the venue and make sure that everything has been set up as planned. It is their responsibility that the band and photographer you hired are guided by the created timeline and follow it strictly.

During this day, the assistant is the person in-charged. During the ceremony and after that, they make sure that the guests will be guided for the reception. In the reception, everything must be in place as well because it is the time that the couple will party for their matrimony.

  1. After the wedding

Although the program is already done, it isn’t the same for the wedding assistant. They still need to make sure that all the bride and groom’s belongings are secured and packed to the newlywed’s car. The coordinator needs to ensure that nothing is stolen or is missing. Once they made sure that everything has been as planned, they must get good reviews from the client.

Full-Service Wedding Assistant

While most brides had planned their wedding long before they got asked for it, there is still the percentage of girls who did not envision it. It is when a couple hires a full-service wedding assistant.

Hiring a full-service wedding assistant would make it easier for the bride and groom not to stress out for their special day. It is because all planning will be the responsibility of their wedding coordinator. Details must be said, especially the preferences so that the hired assistant will know the basis for their future transactions for the wedding.

Here are the services included in the package if a couple hires a full-service wedding assistant:

  1. Budget plan

Before the wedding assistant could take their first move, they first need to know how much money the bride and groom are willing to spend on their big day. It includes all paid parties like venue, caterer, photographers, band, wedding cake shop, and the wedding dresses store.

It is vital to know the budget so that the wedding coordinator will know where and what kind of transactions to make for the planning.

  1. Venue/ Reception

Once a budget has been set, the wedding assistant will now start hunting potential candidates for the venue of the wedding ceremony and the reception for the party. Options must be available for this part so the bride and groom can decide for the best candidate.

  1. Other Paid Parties

Aside from the venue and reception, the coordinator must also canvass for potential bands, photographers, dress stores, that the couple can look up for their preferences. A list of options must also be given to the bride and groom so they can have a variety of choices.

After finalizing these three, the full-service wedding assistant can now make a whole big picture for the couple’s wedding day. It includes all the services that the Day of Coordinator has.

Nowadays, hiring a wedding assistant has become a thing. With the existence of this industry, wedding planning has become easier and less stressful for the bride and groom. If you want your special day to be an enjoyable and yet not a stressful day for you, then you must hire a wedding assistant for yourself.