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Posted by on November 9, 2020

Every web owner and market share one common goal and that is to increase web traffic. One way to drive more traffic to a website is through referrals. Referral traffic refers to those visitors that come to your website from other websites or places other than major search engines. When a visitor comes to your website through a link, they got from another site that is referral traffic. When you have visitors coming from a website that you made a guest blog on, that’s referral traffic. When you share your website posts on social media, and it attracts visitors, that is referral traffic.

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Referral traffic is significant as it helps to facilitate inbound marketing. The more referrals your website gets, the more it can access a new audience and widen its already existing customer or user base. Referral traffic can also aid search engine optimization. Increased referrals enhance targeted web traffic and limit the possibility of visitors not being relevant to your website. There is a lot that you can benefit from referral traffic, and that is why it is an important aspect of marketing that you must pay attention to. The question now is how can you increase referral traffic to acquire more customers? These 6 tips will come very handy in helping you achieve this.

  • Get Listed On Online Directories

Online directories are significant in helping you increase referral traffic and acquire more customers. Many users in need of a product or service do not know where to look to, so they visit online directories. There is this perception by users that online directories do their due diligence before listing a website.

This perception is accurate because online directories try to maintain their credibility and as such only list credible websites. Provided you can meet all the laid down requirements, and it is best to have your website listed on online directories. With this listing, you can access a wider audience and win more customers over.

  • Get Listed On Review Websites

Closely related to online directories are review websites. Even though these two function differently, they affective mediums that can help you increase referral traffic to your website. These days’ customers don’t take what websites say quite seriously, mostly when they have not engaged with the website before.

These customers belief that websites will always say good things about themselves and little or nothing about their weaknesses. However, when they visit review websites, they can read about the opinion of an independent party about a website. Being listed on review sites gives your website more visibility and access to more customers.

  • Invest in Guest Blogging

The many benefits that come with guest blogging cannot be overemphasized. Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to increase referral traffic and acquire more customers. It is more or less an opportunity to pitch your website to the audience of another web owner or marketer.

Considering that you may not always have this kind of opportunity all the time, you should maximize it when you do. To maximize it, you have to come up with a comprehensive blog post that speaks to the mind of their readers and convinces them to visit your website. It would help if you also were strategic about where you are guest blogging and the impact it will have on your website with regards to referral traffic.

  • Share Your Posts on Social Media

To increase referral traffic, you mustn’t ignore the potency of social media. The social media space has millions of users, and you cannot access all of them. To be more candid, you will find a broader audience for your website on social media than you will anywhere else. When sharing your posts on social media, make use of trending keywords and hashtags like you will when creating a post.

Direct your post to an audience that needs the product or service offered by your website. When you do this, you are reaching out to a group of people that appreciate your posts and will be willing to share to their audience. When they share, you can have visitors from their audience clicking on your website. With a well-optimized website and rich content, you can convert these visitors into loyal customers.

  • Comment on Other Websites Offering Similar Service

You may be wondering how commenting on other websites can help increase referral traffic to your website. Yes, it does by sustaining the conversation and keeping the visibility of your website. However, for you to record success at this, you must ensure that the websites you are commenting on are websites offering similar services as yours.

In the comment section, while interacting with their audience, you can pitch your website to them and have them visit it for more information. You can also share a link to an informative post on your website in the comment to provide clarity on a question.

  • Interact On Industry Forums

No individual, business, or website thrives on its own, and if they do, it takes longer than expected. One way to grow your website through referral traffic is to be active on industry forums. Not only will you listen to others for better ideas, but you can also talk to others about your website and gain more customers from there. There is always an industry forum that your website fits in, and the earlier you found such forum and start interacting on it, the faster you can acquire more customers.

With these helpful tips on how to increase referral traffic, you can acquire more customers and faster without having to stress. These tips are not mutually exclusive so you can engage all of them at once. It is, however, best that you take them one after the other so you can measure your growth per time. When you follow through on these tips, you can find the one that works best for your website in generating referral traffic and stick to it.