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Posted by on November 25, 2022

A substantial portion of any business’s expenses are related to labor. For most firms, it represents their biggest expense.

That being stated, increasing the productivity of your cleaning crew is probably a top priority.

It may be challenging to find solutions to expedite cleaning duties without compromising the facility’s cleanliness, health, or safety, particularly in the current climate. As a cleaning company in Toronto that has been in business for nearly 3 decades, Pro-Clean Janitorial Services ( understands these concepts and utilizes them effectively.

There are probably labor shortages, higher cleanliness requirements, tighter budgets, and higher standards to contend with. All of which underscore the need of effective cleaning procedures.

To increase your staff’s productivity and enable them to do more during a cleaning shift, there are a number of options.


4 Ways to Boost Your Cleanliness

  1. Integrate Automated Commercial Cleaning Tools and Equipment
  2. Invest in Commercial Cleaning Innovation
  3. Provide Formal Janitorial Training
  4. Standardize Commercial Cleaning Protocols With SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)


Integrate Automated Commercial Cleaning Tools and Equipment

The adoption of automated cleaning tools and equipment may simplify many laborious cleaning and maintenance tasks.

Automation shortens or even eliminates the requirement for your workers to run machinery or carry out certain duties.

Your janitorial staff may be reassigned to other, more valuable cleaning chores that they can only do by hand by freeing them up.

Your business may add automated tools and equipment to a variety of locations.

The automated technologies listed below may help you streamline your routine for cleaning and maintaining your business.


Automatic Floor Scrubbers

Automatic floor scrubbers apply cleaning solution, scrub, and dry floors all in one pass. Automatic floor scrubbers significantly reduce the amount of time your team spends on floor cleaning since they can clean in one pass.

In fact, your crew could be able to clean your floors at least 1.5 times quicker with an automated floor scrubber than with a mop and bucket.

Your team will benefit from improved ergonomics and reduced tiredness as compared to cleaning with a mop and bucket, which in turn will allow them to accomplish more during a shift.

There are several varieties of auto floor scrubbers, and depending on the model you choose, you and your team may not even need to move or push the machine. Simple hand controls will be used by you and your personnel to run the machinery.


Automated Skincare Dispensers

Manual soap dispensers need constant upkeep from your personnel since they are often empty or broken.

Automated skincare dispensing solutions may cut down on the amount of time your staff spends maintaining dispensers or making sure they’re in good operating order.

The requirement for the occupants of your building to physically operate a pump or lever to release soap is eliminated with automated skincare dispensers. As a consequence, your team will have less touchpoints to clean in the region. ES8-Features-Banner.

Regularly checking soap or sanitizer levels is another difficulty with skincare dispensers.

There are visual alarm systems, like green or red lights, on a lot of automated skincare dispensers. Additionally, transparent cartridges allow your workers to quickly and easily determine how much soap or hand sanitizer is still inside by just glancing at the cartridge. The time spent monitoring soap or sanitizer levels in the cartridges is significantly decreased thanks to these warnings, which make it simple for employees to assess levels with just one glance.

Automated dispensers include a sensor that only releases product when a hand is nearby, increasing productivity and extending battery life.

So that your staff won’t have to worry about frequent battery changes, some dispensers even offer battery replacements on their refills. The battery must be changed every time the cartridge is.


Auto-Flush Valves

Unflushed urinals and toilets produce unpleasant aromas, which in turn cause tenant complaints and add to your housekeeping staff’s workload. AutoFlush by Rubbermaid.

With autoflush valves, urinals or toilets are flushed as soon as a user exits the stall.

This not only reduces the likelihood of odor-filled toilets, but it also maintains your facility looking wonderful and operating at its best.


Invest in Commercial Cleaning

Innovation Cleaning jobs are made simpler by cutting-edge housekeeping solutions, enabling your personnel to do them more quickly and effectively.

Your personnel may do more intensive cleaning tasks that need human contact with the time saved by employing cutting-edge tools and equipment.

By selecting the appropriate instruments to finish cleaning at your facility, you may increase the productivity of your team in the methods we’ll cover below.


Backpack Vacuums

Your facility’s floors should be vacuumed at least once per day. Vacuuming might consume a lot of your cleaning staff’s time, depending on how big your facility is.

A commercial backpack vacuum may greatly accelerate the vacuuming process when used instead of an upright vacuum. Vacuum Backpack ProTeam GoFree Flex Pro II Cordless A typical 12-inch upright vacuum, for instance, can clean around 2,200 square feet in an hour and is used in many workplaces. Cleaning around 7,400 square feet per hour using a backpack vacuum and a carpet tool with a 14-inch aperture would increase output by 230%.

Backpack vacuums are more ergonomic than upright or canister vacuums, which helps your team work harder and lessens tiredness.


Autonomous Floor Scrubbers

The most sophisticated sort of floor scrubbers, autonomous floor scrubbers, eliminate human effort from floor cleaning.

Autonomous floor scrubbers, as opposed to walk-behind, stand-on, and ride-on models, clean the floors of your facility without requiring a human operator.

Scrubbers that function autonomously follow predetermined or chosen cleaning courses.

This machine may produce better cleaning results since the path is consistent thanks to its capacity to map out the most effective cleaning routes and save them for subsequent cleaning.

Additionally, since no one on your crew needs to operate the autoscrubber, they may focus on other cleaning jobs that call for greater accuracy.


Dilution Control Systems

Your team will probably have to take the time to properly dilute or measure out the right quantities of chemicals and water if you do not utilize RTU (ready-to-use) cleaning products.

Manually dilution of chemicals requires time and often results in blunders when done by your personnel.

Chemical solutions that are both under- and over-concentrated may be harmful.

For instance, too concentrated disinfectant solutions won’t properly destroy bacteria. Increased disease and infection in your institution may result from ineffective disinfection.

On the other side, too powerful of a chemical may also be harmful. They may be toxic to your employees and the occupants of your facility, as well as destructive to the surfaces they are used on.

The most economical approach to ensure that your cleaning chemicals are appropriately diluted is to use dilution control systems. Your team runs less of a chance of spilling or splashing oneself when using a dilution system rather than free-pouring chemicals.

Your team may spend less time preparing solutions to the proper dilution ratio to prevent harm, needless rework, and damages by using mobile dispensing sprayers and dilution control systems.


  • Systems for Mobile Dispensing

Systems for distributing medication on the fly combine the dilution process. They have a chemical reservoir that is combined and diluted as they are utilized, together with either a water reservoir or another supply of water. Your workers will enjoy a flawless cleaning process thanks to these sprayers.

The only thing your team has to do is make sure the water and chemical are linked to the gadget rather than manually diluting cleaning supplies. The cleaning agent will already be properly diluted with water when it is delivered.

Since mobile dispensing units don’t need a permanent water supply like wall-mounted dilution systems do, they are movable and may be utilized anywhere in your building.


  • System for Wall-Mounted Dilution Control

Chemical dilution control systems may be mounted on the walls of your facility for high capacity dilution to create greater volumes of diluted solutions for bigger cleaning jobs.

Your personnel will be able to distribute ready-to-use cleaning solutions for different cleaning processes including floor washing, equipment sanitization, or restroom maintenance with the help of a dilution control system.

All your team has to do is make sure the water and chemicals are linked to the system correctly.

For dilution, wall-mounted dilution control systems need access to a constant water supply, such a faucet. Spray bottles, buckets, and other containers should be filled using these immobile techniques.


Microfiber Cloths

Your janitorial crew may conduct cleaning tasks more effectively and efficiently with the help of microfiber cloths.

They can remove more dirt than cotton cloths and paper towels, which allows them to provide a deeper clean than conventional cleaning cloths. Colors of Microfiber

Synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon are combined to make microfiber, which is woven into a surface that resembles a net. As a result, they are very good at absorbing and retaining particles from surfaces, including moisture, dirt, and pathogens.

Additionally, since microfibre cloths have a capacity of up to 8 times their weight, they may trap germs as they move over surfaces rather than distribute them. Disposable microfibre is available to increase productivity and decrease the danger of cross-contamination. This indicates that the cloth or mop is a single-use item that may be discarded after usage.

Staff may discard old clothes and go on to the next cleaning duty without having to wash them.


Electrostatic Disinfection
Disinfection might take a while, particularly in big facilities with many high-touch surfaces or difficult-to reach locations.

Normally, it would be necessary to physically sterilize each surface. Electrostatic Sprayer Clorox T360.

However, your personnel may apply disinfection to hard surfaces from 2 to 6 feet away by using electrostatic technology. Your staff only needs to aim and spray.

Full 360-degree coverage is made possible by the positively charged droplets’ attraction to the negatively charged surfaces.

Your employees may disinfect up to 5 times more square feet every hour without having to reorganize things or manually apply disinfectant.


Provide Formal Janitorial Training

Your personnel may sometimes have to redo work as a result of errors.

Reworks are often required, which might indicate that your personnel would benefit from regular janitorial training.

Your cleaning team may learn the proper and most effective cleaning techniques by introducing professional janitorial training to them.

The most recent knowledge on how to utilize cleaning products and equipment is provided to your personnel during training.

It’s critical to realize that in-house training differs from conventional janitorial instruction.


Comparing formal and internal janitorial training

Veteran workers often instruct new hires on what to do and how to accomplish it.

However, there is a chance that obsolete or wrong practices are being passed on when your experienced personnel trains your fresh workers. This is so that they may only pass on what they already know or were taught.

With in-house training, there’s a chance that your seasoned team has picked up poor cleaning or maintenance techniques or is still using antiquated methods.

Inappropriate behavior might result in:

  • Mistakes During Cleaning and Maintenance That Cause Accidental Injury
  • Equipment, furniture, and fixture damage
  • Higher Reworks
  • Decreased cleanliness of buildings

Your team will learn the proper processes and techniques for cleaning and maintenance jobs including cleaning and disinfection with professional training. They will also get the opportunity to understand the most recent protocols for each treatment.

Less errors will be made if one knows what to do and how to execute it. Your team will be able to do more by making fewer errors since there will be fewer reworks.


Standardize Commercial Cleaning Protocols with SOPs

Standardized operating procedures (SOPs) are essential for ensuring that your crew is equipped with all they need to do effective cleaning. SOPs that have been created in your facility may take the guessing out for your staff.

SOPs are a set of documented cleaning standards that describe how to properly clean different sections of your institution.

Well-written SOPs inform your team of all the equipment, personal protective gear, industrial cleaning supplies, and processes that should be followed while cleaning a specific area. It will also provide the sequence of operations for your employees to follow to guarantee that everything is cleaned fully and correctly.

Your team gains from standard operating procedures in the following ways:

  • Reduced reworks brought on by errors
  • Clarity on the best cleaning practices for each section of your institution
  • Increased confidence as a result of understanding what is required of them

Your workers will be able to work more productively after SOPs are in place because they will be aware of the most effective ways to meet cleaning requirements.


In Conclusion, All of The Above Improve Commercial Cleaning for Companies in Toronto, Ontario

There are several strategies to boost your staff’s productivity.

The amount of time required to complete normal cleaning duties may be reduced with the use of autonomous equipment. By incorporating autonomous equipment into your cleaning program, you may relieve your team of tedious cleaning duties and free them up for more meticulous cleaning.

Making sure your workforce has the appropriate tools to provide the best outcomes is another action you can take to accomplish more. The finest outcomes may be achieved by your personnel when they have access to the necessary equipment.

Furthermore, proper housekeeping training may provide your staff with the knowledge they need to do comprehensive cleaning in less time and with fewer mistakes.

By establishing SOPs for your cleaning program, you can provide your personnel standardized procedures to follow and ensure a consistently clean environment. To learn more, contact Pro-Clean Janitorial Services in Toronto or visit their website at


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